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  1. I was noticing that the shape of the Gateway pool (I call it harp-shaped) was similar in shape to the Shamrock pool. I was trying to visually decide which one was bigger, was just looking at theold aerials, but read that blue92 said Gateway was much bigger. Must have been gigantic, since I know Shamrock's had ski boats in it.

    BTW, I did believe you, blue92, but measured to see difference, just how much bigger, roughly (from aerial map ruler) Gateway was approximately 217' l by 141' (at widest point), Shamrock pool 154' l by 94' w.Unique shapes.

    Has anyone mentioned how deep both pools were? Know that Shamrock's had to be pretty deep, it had those diving towers.

    This description of the Shamrock pool from Wikipedia:

    "To the south was the hotel's lavishly landscaped garden designed by Ralph Ellis Gunn, a terrace and an immense swimming pool measuring 165 by 142 feet (50 by 43 m) described as the world's biggest outdoor pool, which accommodated exhibition waterskiing and featured a 3 story-high diving platform with an open spiral staircase."

  2. Yes there was a Gaido's on S. Main it was right across the street from Playland Park. I know this because my parents house was almost right behind it. But no it didn't have a shrimp with 6 shooters that was Kapan's at S. Main & Kirby. Gaido's had a huge crab on the top of their building.

    You're right about the big crab, but I also remember the big shrimp being at Gaido's, not Kaphan's. I went looking and found this. It says the photo was taken in 2008, but that is the date of the upload, not when it was taken. This was taken long ago.

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  3. Don't forget this ad campaign from 1961.

    "We are the Men from Texaco We wear the Texaco Star We like to think at Texaco We've got everything for your car

    We've got wipers for your windshield' Plugs n' Belts n'Tires, too Lubricants and Batteries and polishes for you All the things to keep your engine up to par We've got everything for your car

    That's why you can trust you car to the man who wears the Star for the kind of products that can take care of you car At every Texaco Station, clean across the Nation You can trust your car to the man who wears the Star The big bright Texaco star!"

    I realize we are getting off-topic here with Texaco, but I bet not many here will remember

  4. I presume you are referring to the Post or Chronicle. What was the other, Houston Press? I recall the Chronicle had a very rare reprint on Nov.22, 1963 when they stopped the presses around noon because of the unfolding events of the day. That must be the one you have, right?

    This is way off this topic, but is there anyway you can scan the 1963 movie/entertainment page and post in the old drive-in movies topic? That would be interesting to see what the dozens of Houston area drive-ins were showing back then!


    I do have that Chronicle EXTRA from the 22nd. Will post that front page on a compatible topic later. I also have the Post and Chronicle editions for that weekend. The Chronicle also had an EXTRA on Sunday for the Oswald shooting. I don't remember if the Houston Press was still around then or not.

    Will also post the drive-in movies showing at that time on the old drive-ins topic.

  5. Does anyone have any newspaper ads for Walnut Bend or Lakeside Estates from back in the day?

    I have old newspapers from Nov, 1963 and Jul, 1969. I bet you can deduce why I have saved those. I looked through them and could find no large ads for either Walnut Bend or Lakeside Estates. There was one small classified ad for a Walnut Bend home in the 1963 paper and several in the 1969 paper. I can post one or two of those, if interested.

  6. Here is a 1981 view of Andrau from Historic Aerials. That's Westheimer to the north and Wilcrest to the east of the airport. Brays Bayou goes around it to the south and west. The piece of paving still there that jgriff points out appears to be part of the road from Westheimer to the airport. Interesting to flip through the years and see the changes in that area.

    I had forgotten about Andrau. I drove by it many times years ago, when it was all by itself in that area.

  7. Wow!! What a trip to the past... my past. I graduated from Lamar in 1953. I think I recognize some of the kids. I will have to check my yearbook and see if I can find them in the jr/soph sections. I still see and correspond with a lot of old Lamar classmates. I will send this video on and see if they know anyone in it.

    That was the Village theater box office. I went to both the Village and Alabama many times in my youth and on into my adult years.

    I remember the Yacht Restaurant. It was on the west side of S. Main. I don't remember if it was north or south of Gaido's, which was across S. Main from Playland Park (9200 S Main). It was most likely toward the south. I think it was gone by the late 50's.

    Thanks for the video. It brought back a lot of memories of the fashions and cars of that era.

  8. I just contacted the Sig Byrd in Colorado to inquire if he was the grandson of this Sig Byrd. His reply was...

    "Indeed, I am the grandson of Sig Byrd. I, too, am a writer. Guess I have a love of

    words in the ol' genes.

    I've also heard my grandfather's book is quite popular in Houston these days.

    Right now I live in Boulder, CO, and I have not been back to visit

    Houston in thirteen years. In fact, I haven't lived there since the early eighties,

    although I did live in Austin for six years in the nineties."

    I gave him the HAIF link. Maybe he will respond with some more info on his granddad.

  9. Niche, I have a CD I just found while looking for something else. I purchased it about three years ago. It has lots of old maps and links that might be of interest to you. I have attached the label. If you would like to look at it, PM me and I will mail it to you. You may keep it as long as you need it (within reason). If anyone else here is interested, you can pass it along when you are through with it.


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