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  1. It was Bull Curry.

    I sure remember that name from Houston wrestling. I don't remember if he was old enough to have participated in the wrestling matches at the old City Auditorium that were televised locally on Friday nights in the late 40's-early 50's. I watched those, faithfully, when I was a kid. My dad actually tried to tell me that those matches were more acting than wrestling. No way! ;) Paul Boesch (sp?) was the announcer, and he occasionally got into the ring against that perennial bad guy Danny McShane.

  2. Many a time I walked through those doors to be greeted by a one-eyebrowed hulk of a gentle giant. Any clue who he was, Tbird?

    I didn't go downtown to the theaters much after the late 50's. I think Giant may have been the last movie I saw at the Majestic. The early to mid 50's were my big dating years. I think the price of a ticket to the Loew's, Metropolitan, and Majestic was about $.75 around that time-frame. I gather that you're quite a bit younger than I, so your "hulk" may have come there after I stopped going. I don't remember him.

  3. Heights... Do you, or anyone else, remember a bad accident at Playland's race track that happened in the early 60's, I think it was? Maybe the very late 50's. I was there. During warm-ups, a wheel came off Blackie Lothringer's car coming into the first turn where the entrance to the raceway was. I was standing at a refreshment stand between the gate area and the race track, which had only a very small wall around it. I heard a loud bang and looked up in time to see the wheel come flying over ther wall...followed immediately by Blackie's car. I was about 50 feet from where the car landed. Three people were killed and many injured, as they were headed from the gate area to the stands. If I hadn't stopped for a Coke, I would probably been where the car came down. I have tried to find out if there is anything about this accident on the internet, but have not been successful.

    Do you also remember the figure 8 races, the powder puff races for the girls, and the demolition derbies that they had there?

  4. There was also a Globe down near Belfort.  I think the one near Gulfgate was next to Frizell's Pontiac AMC.

    This is hurting my head.  Must recall childhood memories.

    But I am good at that.  I remember my days as a zygote fondly. It was fun.

    Or was that Sage?  I get Sage and Globe confused, but from what I remember, they made Wal-Mart look fancy ;-)

    There was a Globe on the northeast corner of Bellaire and Hillcroft. It was right across Hillcroft from the Sharpstown drive-in theater. Sage was on the southeast corner of Beechnut and Post Oak (now 610) right across from Meyerland. What occupies those locations now?

  5. On Texas.  It ended up being incorporated into the Chronicle building.

    In reference to the location of the original Majestic Theater... I was looking through a thread on the Cinema Treasures website and found this post...

    "My grandfather began his career in the Houston theatre business in 1908 as treasurer of Houston's first Majestic Theatre(on Congress Ave.)"

  6. I wonder if I'm the only one in this forum to have eaten at this diner. In the mid-40's... on Sundays..we would sometimes walk several blocks down Main from the First Baptist Church (on Lamar between Main and Fannin) for lunch. Other times, we would drive out South Main to Christie's, where I would always have my favorite...a dozen jumbo fried shrimp for $.75. Thanks for the memories! I was only a kid then, but I still remember it very well. Where did you get that picture? When did Simpson's leave this Earth?

  7. I don't want to veer off topic but maybe you could post a new topic about what that area was like back then, I would love to know.

    Golly! I could make that very long..and boring...to most on here. I still remember my address...1009 Elgin, and my favorite place, right across the street, on the southeast corner of Main and Elgin, a Rettig's ice cream parlor. Actually, directly across the street from me was the Lydia Houston Beauty Academy...between Rettig's and V.H. Cain's Texaco service station on the southwest corner of Fannin and Elgin. I would walk 4-5 blocks to Fannin Elementary School (2nd - 5th grades). Fannin El. was between Louisiana and Smith and Anita and Tuam, I believe. Wonder if it's still there. It was old then. I also remember a school across Elgin from Baldwin Park...Allen Elementary??

  8. Great pictures!  Thanks! 

    A few more from the same period:




    Med Center 1964


    In your third picture...is that the old Conoco Building, on the right, with the weatherball on top? I had forgotten about that one.

    I see the Astrodome in the background of hte Med Center-1964 shot. It must have still been under construction then. I had the pleasure of attending the first game played there in April, 1965. Saw the Astros play the Yankees in an exhibition game. What a magnificent structure it was for its time. I was awestruck when I entered it for the first time. Who would have thought "The Eighth Wonder of the World" would be "obsolete" 40 years later?

  9. These are a couple of remarkable pictures that I think you would be interested in viewing. These were shot in 1958 by the father of an old high school classmate of mine. He gave me permission to share them with you. From these photos, he made hand-drawn maps that pin-pointed the location of various buildings and other landmarks of that era.



  10. My Grandfather was "MC" for the opening night at the Shamrock in 1949. So even though I was far from born (I was born in 1978) he ran a public relations business down here until he passed away.

    He always had these famous people on his wall and autographs. The weekend of his funeral someone came in and stole things out of his office. Is that NOT sad and sick or what?!

    Might your grandfather been Fred Nahas? I remember his golden voice from Houston radio (KXYZ?) and early Houston TV.

  11. No matter what they do to this property, nothing could be as beautiful as the majestic oak trees on the property. I took these just today.



    I am new to this forum, so please excuse any mistakes I make in replying properly. I happened onto this site and thread while looking for some Houston memorabilia. I lived in an old house with my grandmother in the early 40's that was on Elgin, between Main and Fannin, and I used to go to Baldwin Park all the time. I remember the beautiful old oak trees there and wondered if they were all gone now. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Have also wondered if the concrete nonworking fountain that I used to play on was still there.

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