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  1. A little bit of Oshman's trivia: To my knowledge, there is only one place in Houston where you can still see an Oshman's sign; any guesses?
  2. Thanks, Sparrow; you're absolutely right - pretty smooth. Did it yesterday. I had seen that ramp to the right before but thought it was a route to a surface street; not very well marked right now.
  3. I concur with this limitation. I tried going from I-45 NB to 99 WB and there is no apparent connector which is extremely short-sighted! You have to go to Spring Crossing and U-turn but then you have to pass two intersections before reaching an entrance ramp! I'm sure there is a healthy cohort of drivers who would take this route to go from I-45NB mainlanes or HOV or Hardy to get to Tomball all the way to 249 or halfway such as all the communities surrounding Hooks Airport. This would greatly relieve much of the WB traffic that currently clogs the existing arterials (Louetta, Spring-Cypress and FM 2920 worst of all!) Lets hope (near) future plans call for a direct connector ramp!
  4. Talk about a baffling toll fee schedule!! Check this out: https://www.txtag.org/en/about/tollroad_grndpky.shtml No idea what the new segments will be but I'm sure it will be oddball amounts like this!
  5. Who would have thought THIS would be a source of info?! http://www.chron.com/news/transportation/article/Grand-Parkway-opening-nears-6753896.php
  6. I try to monitor www.grandparkway99.com for updates on segment openings, etc. but it appears as though the person doing the updates has been beamed back to their mother ship - no updates since before Thanksgiving. Any idea where to get better info?
  7. Specwriter, you mentioned one thing that was a big reason for my post - you don't hear alot about Richmond or Westheimer lately. More ofteh than in the past, incidents are being reported along FM1960 (I've never acknowledged its new moniker!) It could very well be a lot of NOLA transplants responsible for this. Plus, I think its on the edge of HPD patrol zones, so it doesn't get a heavy dose of showing the badge. If you'll notice, you see alot more law enforcement (whether its Pct. 4, HCSO, etc.) on 2920, Kuykendahl, Louetta and Stuebner-Airline than on 1960; even Spring-Cypress is better patrolled.
  8. Is it my imagination or has there been an armed crime on FM1960 reported on the local news nearly every day for the last week or so? This is getting completely ridiculous!! What's going on with law enforcement that criminals feel they can act with impunity in this corridor?! Something needs to be done!!
  9. Anybody know what they are building next to Gander Mountain at Cypresswood and I-45? You may not be able to see the building behind the dozen or so ginormous flag poles!!
  10. Yup, slash, noticed the same thing! A very specific zoom level shows you the route. Hopefully this is a sign that activity will begin soon. Looking forward to this lessening through traffic on 2920; this roadway is getting dangerous! Bad mix of local traffic, through traffic and incompetent drivers!
  11. New construction site popped up on FM2920 east of Stuebner-Airline and directly west of the new KISD Multipurpose Center. Fencing around the yard makes me think this is something of note; barbed-wire topped cyclone fence with shade cloth on it, I'm assuming to obstruct view, etc. Initial thought was that this would be a yard for upcoming Grand Parkway construction, but don't know. No signage - anybody have a clue?
  12. Any idea what the status is of the TC Jester expansion south of Spring-Cypress? The construction appears complete, but I just noticed that permanent road obstructions were installed on both sides of the TC Jester extension, as if the project has been shelved for some undisclosed period. Installation of the planned traffic signal at that very busy intersection would also be very welcome.
  13. Here's why that ACE went belly up. Let me compare 2 visits to 2 different hardware stores: Now defunct ACE on Spring-Cypress: I enter looking for an item. I'm greeted by a high school age employee. I tell him what I'm looking for and his reply begins with, "Umm, let me see, I think it's over here..." at which point we walk around the store for a while only to discover they do not have the item I am looking for but instead have a similar item, which is not what I need. I leave without purchasing anything. Still in business True Value on Kuykendahl, just north of Louetta: I enter looking for an item. I'm greeted by the business owner. I tell him what I'm looking for; he turns around and takes off walking through his store chocked full of inventory and walks me directly to the item I need. I follow him back to the register, pay for the item and since I'm feeling satisfied for finding what I need to continue on my list of Saturday chores, I indulge in a couple of impulse buys strategically placed near the register. I pay for all these items and leave, knowing when I return in the future, I can expect the same level of SERVICE. SERVICE is what keeps these small guys going. The only way they keep the lights on while Lowe's is right down the street is having the proper product knowledge and the dedication to caring for their customers.
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