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  1. Ok...so I finally found something about about People Place Multicultural Magnet Center (People Place)....please see the attached document....the following text was taken from the document: Program Description In September 1999, People Place Multicultural Magnet Center (People Place) entered into its twenty-seventh year of operation. Located inside Turner Elementary School, this diversity education program was designed to foster an appreciation, understanding, and respect for cultural differences among HISD students. Further, it assists pupils in developing good citizenship, self-esteem, effective communication skills, and critical thinking abilities. People_Place_Magnet_2000.pdf
  2. The Rumble Seat was awesome!! Do you remember the "Red Telephone" restaurant; I believe it was owned by the same people. It was one my favorite places (along with Astroworld and Goonie Golf). There was a red telephone on each table and you placed your order by using the phone. My older brother and I enjoyed picking up the phone to quote dialoge from the live-action series Batman. "Yes, this is Commissioner Gordon here. That's right Batman..."
  3. When I was a small child in the late 1970's, I took swimming lessons at the YWCA near or on S. Willow. It was called the Peden Y - and I loved it. I also took tumbling classes there...and as I recall it was partically housed in a ramshackle house like structure. I enjoyed running around the building - and I recall that there was a bar area with a soda gun that from time to time actually worked. I recall sneaking off behind that bar area to try to snag a soda. It closed when I was child - and I never understood why. Later my parents joined the ELKS lodge - and our family would go there to swim every summer. I tried to look up the ELkS lodge on a google map recently - and I noticed that it had vanished with barely a trace. I last visited the Elks Lodge sometime in the 1990s. The Elks Lodge was located on S. Willow....the Peden YWCA was near S. Willow - but it wasn't on S. Willow. Does anyone have any information about The Elks Lodge or the Peden YWCA????
  4. I remember Mr. Anderson; he was an AP when I attended Johnston - and he was one of a kind. I remember Goonie Golf best of all.
  5. I also went to the The People's Place of Houston - and I attended Cynthia Ann Parker Elementary. From what I recall every year each teacher would select a boy and a girl to attend The People's Place. While at The People's Place of Houston, you toured different cultures - and you were given a People's Place passport. When you returned to your home school, you had to give a report to the other students about what you learned at The People's Place. I always thought that it was housed at Kolter Elem. I recall eating crispy noodles - the Dinty-Moore Chinese noodles from a can (they reminded me of Pringles) - and I recall using chop-sticks and eating a fortune cookie. I went to China and India while I was at The People's Place.....I always thought it was called "People's Place". I remember that it was a lot of fun!
  6. I was raised in Westbury - and my mom used to take me to Meyerland plaze for my back to school shopping. Our Route took us down W. Bellfort and until we got to on Runnymead and then we would turn left away from Cunninghams' RX and Beldons. We would drive down Runnymeade and turn on to S. Rice heading North to JC Pennys. There was an unusual house on the corner of S. Rice and Runnymeade. It was box shaped with a flat roof, adn it had what I deemed "a small sculputure garden" on the S. Rice side. The house also had unsual glass brick with cutout shapes in them. Does anyone have any information regarding this home?
  7. Do you know who built the house on the corner of S. Rice & Runnymeade?

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