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  1. This is the Gateway at Spring Valley at Campbell and Katy Freeway. It looks like it is pretty well finished...I drive by it every morning. The original groundbreaking was announced in 2014...http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/10/houstons-stoller-group-breaks-ground-on-headquarters-building-in-memorial-area/?cmpid=businessmhcat
  2. Sorry about that: The Cabot Oil and Gas Building is here: http://maps.pbase.com/pinemikey/image/114818806 Sysco Tower is here: http://maps.pbase.com/pinemikey/image/114817215 The SBM Atlantia Building is here: http://maps.pbase.com/pinemikey/image/113555962 The Foster Wheeler Building is here: http://maps.pbase.com/pinemikey/image/98174684
  3. I noticed that most of the buildings in the Energy Corridor in and around Eldridge Parkway are not on your site's building database... Just wanted to post a few photos showing some Cabot Oil and Gas Sysco Tower Foster Wheeler SBM Atlantia
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