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  1. you can see online at www.legacyatmemorial.com The penthouse suite with the best view looks to be $5800/month
  2. A view of downtown from the roof. My friend worked there for a while..
  3. Yes, I work nearby. You can see this 'silo' in the attached image
  4. Does anyone on this forum know what the giant Silo near Braeswood/Pressler in the Medical Center is? It looks like a construction site, but I didn't see whos building.
  5. true. here is my story 1983: My qualifying earth jump took place the day after my friend Mr. 460 and I Successfully made the Train Jump. 'The next morning we slept in a little bit but I had another goal in mind, my first cliff jump. The motor was still a little rough at first, but as we got closer to Dead Man’s Canyon, it picked up ok. There were other boats in this canyon when we pulled in, but we made our way to the chill spot anyways. It was kind of windy, but there were pretty consistent lulls. 460 looked at me and said, "So if you decide to make this jump, you should open as low as you can." I began to hike towards the exit, taking an easier route this time. From up there I could see the four other boats that were fishing. I hung out for 45 minutes tossing several wind indicators, which all soared away from the wall. I saw the our boat driver start the motor and begin to creep deeper into the canyon next to all the fishermen. They played loud music and made wakes, and it worked. All of a sudden, all four fishing boats started up and took off. When my rescue boat returned I geared up. I waited another 10 minutes to build myself up and prepare for the groundrush. I looked over the edge a few times, then stepped back and took a deep breath. I took two steps and launched with everything I had. I freefell for an eternity it seemed. I threw my 48" pilot chute and waited some more for the ‘whack!’ It snatched me up about 2.5 seconds before plunging into the water. I couldn’t believe I jumped off of a train, and my first cliff jump seemed less crazy at the time, because I was still high from that train. I appreciate the learning experience it was now that I’m safe. They picked me up in the boat, and helped pull my canopy in. I got it in the stash bag and we took off. The water was really choppy most of the way back to the boat launch, which made for an uncomfortable ride, but it smoothed out near the end. We were slowly creeping toward the dock, and we saw the Law enforcement boat approaching us with their lights on. They pulled up and grabbed our vessel. One guy asked what we were doing to which I replied, "Ah we’re just enjoying the beautiful view. I tried to ski some but the water was really choppy.." He nodded and began checking if our watercraft met all of the safety regulations. I noticed at least 2 machine guns on their boat. They were Game Wardens. So we had all the necessary safety devices and registration. They left us alone to hassle some other boats in the area. We loaded up and got ready to head back home. -1315 HA
  6. took these pics last night while they were playing with the lighting. it's a pretty building wait, this forum will not let me add pictures... or attach them.. i know i dont have any credit, but jeez how do i add pictures? i would like to share
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