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  1. Thanks everyone! Each photo updates on either the hour, 15 past the hour, 30 past the hour or 45 past the hour. Technically, the photos are taken about 2 minutes until the posting time, then posting is initiated 1 minute before the quarter hour interval to ensure a new image is available right at the quarter hour mark. This 2 minute lee-way ensures the-30 second shutter on night images get uploaded. Thanks for the link JAX. I will have to try out your slothcam. (please don't destroy my bandwidth with it) :-) while the camera is basically a webcam, its actually a nikon tethered to a computer. I guess i can find a way to timestamp and date the image (as most off the shelf webcams would do) via a script. This will take more research and time. Have a few albums to work on between now and then. I'll try and keep with it. thanks again everyone!
  2. I spent a while planning this out and it seems to be working. Critiques welcome!! Basically 1 Nikon camera tethered to a computer, updating a scene of downtown houston every 15 minutes all day, every day. Here's the link; http://www.customminds.com/texascityscape/ ----------------------------------- Problems I am experiencing; I am shooting through a thick glass, so there is a bit of ghosting in specific areas. The camera auto settings are causing white balance issues and bleaching / too much darkening over the course of a day. due to my batch processing, i have to delete the photo before reposting the new one. a 2 second delay between picture posts can be noticed if you hit refresh at the right time. ----------------------------------- Benefits of this format; In my opinion it seems to be better than normal webcam updates. With unlimited bandwidth you can technically post a 20 megapixel image of ____ at intervals on the fly.
  3. I have always loved the Blade Runner movie. Been thinking about picking it up on BlueRay... but do not know if the quality is increased over DVD. I figure it will look about the same.
  4. thanks Highway and Attica. the story i tried to write out before (hope this one takes)... That view woke me up on 9/10/09. The view was the Mosaic looking East at the ship channel. I was sound-asleep and when I looked up all I could think was... drat, I am going to have to get up to take a photo of this. Old saying - “red sky in morning, sailors warning. red skies at night, sailors delight.” Unfortunately... that was the beginning to my worst day this year. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. Top of the list was a time sensitive purchase from dell for 48 laptops (don't ask). The Dell rep sent me a nice email saying while the credit card purchase went through, the team that manages purchasing decisions decided that the price quoted did not benefit Dell, so we would have to pick a different model or up the price per unit. Today 48 HP laptops just arrived an hour ago. ;-)
  5. I spent about 10 minutes writing a nice post with the edit html button... and it didn't post any of it... so i will shorten the post a bit to just a few photos. Larger Version Link (click to zoom in) Small .jpg displayed on screen http://www.custommin...ape/2009-09-13/ http://www.custommin...akers-large.jpg older panos' http://www.customminds.com/cityscape/ ps: sorry for any big logos on the pics. Just do not want them popping up in random magazines.
  6. drat, i want to see it, but i don't want to load silverlight. :-/
  7. thanks Porch and Citizen. Citizen, check out 288 on the right side for the bicycle rider that i caught in two different pictures. (same person, but looks like twins in the photo)
  8. This Spectacular Panoramic View of the Houston Skyline is a followup to my last 525 megapixel one. http://www.customminds.com/cityscape/ Apparently with everything now visible (not dark outside), the picture size is terribly larger and harder to piece together. So the new one is only 118 megapixels. Hope everyone doesn't mind. :-) Sorry for being gone a few days, we also just adopted a boxer and its been taking up a lot of my free time. For whatever its worth, here is a link to her new blog. for a boxer, shes quite smart. ;-) Junie the Rescue Boxer http://www.customminds.com/junie/ Very sweet dog!
  9. thanks everyone!! editor, whats SSP? Sab - of course. try this one - should be better for your monitor http://www.customminds.com/temp/ElectricClouds.jpg
  10. I always get weird looks when I run to the balcony with the tripod and camera. Tonight their was the first lightning storm… or I should say… first lightning since we moved in. I took about 20 timed shots altogether and only 4 or so were workable. This was the best one of the bunch. I hear they were talking about this strike on the tv/radio yesterday, but i missed it. a huge image link you can zoom in and pan around. http://www.customminds.com/cityscape/2009-07-22/ new blog i created yesterday (testing it out) http://www.customminds.com/photography-blog/
  11. dr lan - thank you very much! laanba - thank you and i will try to get more for you. samagon - keep with the bike. Long term health is more important than a photo hobby :-) Here are four more... enjoy!
  12. Thanks Tac0meat! actually everyone... i made a game out of it... http://www.customminds.com/houston/easter (different address) its a find the hidden egg game. enjoy! ;-)
  13. Thanks again everyone!! The Niche - I'll try to get this for you on the next go around! Kinkaid - The medical center is on the other side of the building. I'll try and see if they will let me on the roof this weekend or next. maybe I can get one for you. :-)
  14. Thank you everyone again! did not use Gigapan, used Zoomifyer EZ v3.1. The camera is the 1dsm3 (21mp) I had it mounted for the shots.
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