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  1. I love the Parador. If I ever need to have some fancy event in the future, it is where I would pick...paradorhouston.com
  2. I was wrong. It is scheduled to open in July. The construction on the roof is complete though, hence the lack of work on the south end. They said that that were going for an unfinished metal building look. My guess is most of the plan seems to be trying to use the view from downtown, and having that end more open allows for a better view. It looks great though so far. The restaurant area is super neat and resembles a church.
  3. I think it might be mostly done. My husband bought one of the memberships and we are supposed to get a tour this Saturday...
  4. might try this: http://www.wikihow.com/Remove-a-Wall-Mirror Welcome to the neighborhood!
  5. I live in McGregor/Riverside Terrace and think it may be a good fit for you if the schools aren't an issue. There are several bike trails that run through the neighborhood - The columbia tap runs you into Downtown where you can get to the trails along Buffalo Bayou, as well as a trail that runs along Brays Bayou that connects you to Hermann park. I have always reverse commuted and it generally is not bad as long as there is not an accident. you can also take Highway 3 for portions if there is an accident which can help, or the beltway to 225. Most of Friendswood and Pearland are very suburban, which is ok, but doesn't really sound like what you are looking for. If you have any questions about the area, let me know as some areas are sketchier than others.
  6. Oh this would make me so happy! As long as it is better thant the one on OST...
  7. alsal29


    One of our current favorites is Bovine and Barley downtown. They have a great wall of lights and almost all their beer is regional craft beer. They have pint night on Tuesday I believe and you can keep the glass for 4 dollars. The new brewpub at Karbach is also quite nice.
  8. Information about the cemetery on the grounds.... http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/columnists/sarnoff/article/Abandoned-cemetery-to-come-out-of-the-shadows-6612957.php
  9. Excited about your house! I think most of the single family home owers would probably be for it, but I think getting some of the townhome owners on board will be tough. I think that is the issue with our street is that I have a feeling that most of the current street parkers is residents instead of visitors. I know one woman down the street that rents out all of her rooms and then the rooms in the garage apartment also, and they will maybe park one car in the driveway. I would suggest sending messages on the next door app and see what the response is. That is how I was able to contact many people on the street for the minimum lot size. Would be happy to help if I can and let you know the best people to talk to. I did see on one of the Houston planning maps that our street was earmarked to be widened. I do not really want that to happen, so I would be in support of this. Something has to happen as our street is impossible. Amanda
  10. YAY Rachel! You have no idea how excited that makes me! I have seen that you started some work last week, but couldn't tell what or who was doing it. I have not seen anyone over there when I have been home but I can't wait to meet you! it is such a beautiful home! Welcome to the neighborhood!
  11. I personally think La Porte is much better than most of these mentioned, especially if you make it off 225. They have a great main street and a great line up of small town events that you can't get anywhere in Houston. Galena Park? Jacinto City? Aldine?
  12. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/07/historic-weingarten-home-on-the-market-after-almost-five-decades/#25292101=14 Article about it in the Chronicle.
  13. The Calumet one is across the street from me. I was sad when they tore the old one down, but was glad while definitely not fitting in the neighborhood, it is at least a single family home. 2522 Calumet has also been vacant since at least 2009. Someone recently bought it, but they haven't done anything with it yet. That is sad about the one at Almeda and Riverside. That was a beautiful house.
  14. I just asked my mom about it. The house with the pool was owned by a doctor as a summer home. He was not there for large parts of the year, and I remember hearing that while he was gone many people would sneak in and use the pool. My mom and I used to go to the bottle dump, it was on the property with the green house, which bordered the house with the pool. She said that back when sylvan beach was popular for tourists (1900-ish), this house was a whore house and that is why all the trash and bottles were there. We found some cool ones. I will ask some more people about your urban legend. The woods were pretty scary sometimes, so it is probably better I never heard that one or I would have psyched myself out! The legend I always heard and the people who were still there when I lived there was of a young girl who was mentally disabled who drowned in the bay. The story was that she haunted the area and there was always sightings and happenings related to that, but her home was supposedly farther east by the plant where Du Pont's boat dock is now.
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