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  1. Yes, I agree. But I do like the general trend of low maint properties in the inner loop, such as Winfield Gate which also has low maint fees and takes care of external maint. Hopefully, this is a trend as households increasingly have two professionals with less time for home upkeep.
  2. I think the idea of low maint living in this location is great. However, I don't get the pricing at high 700k to 1M+. This is about twice the price of a comparable townhome. I get that these are one stories, but you also have neighbors above and below you, less land etc. The building offers no other ammenties. What am I missing here? While a highrise has higher HOAs, the units are cheaper with more services.
  3. I am considering buying a house where the builder of record was a non-builder (a do it your selfer) who hired a builder in Bellaire to supervise all of the work and be the general contractor. However, I am having a hard time finding out who this mystery Bellaire builder is who supervised work on the house. The only clue I have is that he is a "well known" builder in Bellaire, whose son is also a builder. Any ideas on which Bellaire builder also has a son in the industry? Is there any way to obtain this information?
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