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  1. If my memory serves me right, I recall seeing that sign last year. I was by the site a couple of weeks ago. That sign is no longer on the property. They have some information for leasing space but the building looks abandoned and every space appears empty. Maybe they tried to sell the building and got limited interest, especially if they are still the owner on record. Keep in mind the FAA activity is pretty recent, so that might offer clues as to the current status.
  2. They also didn't want the 17 story office tower and we know how that went.
  3. I'd love to see a great building on this piece of land. But the renderings are very unprofessional and I have no idea where the background buildings in the picture are from. Are we sure this is for Houston as opposed to one of the other Eclipse buildings this seemingly small town, New Mexican developer plans to put up around the world to create a destination club? This seems like a big joke.
  4. I looked at their other projects and would've never expected this based on their existing portfolio. I'm still having a hard time believing this.
  5. From the website, "Eclipse also will provide the unique benefits of a destination club – with owners’ accommodations available in Eclipse towers planned for cities around the world." From their website, this looks like a pretty modest company with a very bold (dare I say impractical?) vision? I can be proved wrong but what else have they done to this scale so far?
  6. Did the "Artesian" disappear from the name as the FAA link says, "Eclipse Houston"?
  7. Variance request deferred for two weeks. Three neighbors spoke out against the variance request, citing a variety of issues including being out of character with other new developments in the area (e.g., Winfield Gate which is only 4 stories). The funniest moment came when a neighbor cited the applicant's petition that indicated one odd benefit of the variance request: it would better connect pedestrians to the development, allowing them to look into the building. The neighbor speculated what this might mean in terms of bathrooms.
  8. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2015/10/12/new-condominium-project-to-rise-in-river-oaks.html This article suggests it's 8 stories. The rendering shows six plus one level of parking. I think there might be a level of parking underground as well.
  9. Yes, 54 ft above sea level plus 750 structure height equals 804 height posted on FAA website link.
  10. I've walked by this site several times wondering when someone would scoop it up. It hasn't had noticeable tenants for months or longer.
  11. Wow. What a bold idea. Any idea who is behind it. Is this residential?
  12. http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/31284-marlowe-20-floors-downtown-condo-tower/page-8 Math actually includes property tax and HOA.
  13. Planning Commission meets on October 1st to consider variance request for reduced building line. Proposed land use is for condos. Any other details?
  14. They're also different markets. My sense is Arabella gets foreign buyers attracted to a more prestigious location. Marlowe is clearly going after a younger, more local and less affluent demographic.
  15. 20 % sold. Doesn't seem terribly high give the amount of time.
  16. There already is a high-rise in Rice Village on Robinhood. It's actually right across Kirby from WestU.
  17. Website hanoversouthampton.com is also fully functional, including pricing. It looks like units are about 2.60ish a square foot.
  18. Any idea about sales of this building? If I am remembering correctly, this building will be ready half a year before Arabella and the Wilshire.
  19. If it's the Georgian Apartments, it is not in the ROD. It is across Wesleyan St from Central Market. It would probably be at least a 15 to 20 minute walk to ROD.
  20. Any speculation on whether this might be rentals or condos? According to HCAD, the land the Georgian Apartments sit on is almost 150,000 square feet. This seems like a lot of land for a high-rise. Perhaps these will be town homes?
  21. Sorry--I am not familiar with the source. In any case, is there a way to check the property records? It does seem like this area generally is ripe for development with the new Hines office tower, Chateau 10, and the Winfield Gate development. Any other possibilities for development in this area or has everything stopped because of the price of oil?
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