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  1. I got the same update. You left out the photo of the exterior rendering that looks just like the original. So is the building proceeding as originally envisioned, despite rumors on this board? Or is RD really going to do a last minute swap and eliminate tons of windows?
  2. I worry this might be dead. The listings appear to have been removed from MLS and the website redirects to the Sims builder general website.
  3. any update on sales? And is it confirmed the building design is different? The website still appears to be pitching the old design, as do the MLS listings.
  4. I believe you can only go up to six stories with wood. And given the prices, I'd be really surprised if this weren't concrete. This is far more expensive than Randal Davis's Chateau Ten just around the corner and the Huntingdon is going for about $400 a square foot. I"d like to see them pull this off at these prices. I wonder if they don't want to undercut on price their Mimosa Place development around the corner. Even with the finest finishes, this building is crazy expensive for a a mid-rise building with modest views at best and modest amenities (even without the oil crash).
  5. http://thereverehouston.com/ At almost $600 a square foot, this has got to be a record for a mid rise building in Houston. It will be interesting to watch if they can sell these when you can live in a River Oaks highrise with more amenities for less money.
  6. Prices starting at $1.6 million to 2.7 million+, 2,720 to 3,900 square feet.
  7. Another story in today's HBJ: http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/print-edition/2016/06/17/pelican-builders-plans-new-luxury-condo-in-river.html Can anyone get behind the paywall of these stories and share more details about the project, including amenities, pricing, construction financing, and timing? Architect is Kirksey
  8. So this is a new project? Is the original one dead then? Do we need a new thread?
  9. Can't get behind the paywall -- but is this the same site? How many stories and units?
  10. Developers build, HOAs (i.e., the residents) pay to maintain.
  11. I walked by the site a few weeks ago. It looks like there has been no activity there. I wonder if this one is as dead?
  12. This project is dead: https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/multifamily/the-monroe-is-a-no-go-56445 How much would it cost to replace the sewer line that supposedly undid this project?
  13. You're also paying for a share of common amenities. Nonetheless, on a per square foot basis 600 a square foot is more than most Ricer Oaks condos and even the new, River Oaks Highrise.
  14. I think the other two locations only have ten units, with five floors of residential on top of one floor of parking. This building will likely have a larger footprint since it has more units and is five stories. I think the River Oaks location was only on a 10,000 square foot lot.
  15. Shakespeare street is just to the east of WestU and is in Houston. Clarify title? It's more in the Rice Village area.
  16. I'm curious about how many they've sold in the past 3 months. It seems like they've been stuck at 50 percent for quite some time. I imagine the oil bust has dramatically hurt sales.
  17. Any update on this one? Is it going to happen?
  18. You can really see how much of a bigger footprint the Wilshire will have compared to Arabella.
  19. Unbelievable--the planning commission denied the variance request for a smaller setback. If you watch the film, it looked like there was one strong commissioner against it who lived in the neighborhood, then the others looked at each other and gradually put up their hands following each other to deny the variance request. The current residents argued the building is out of character with the neighborhood which is crazy. The 30+ Huntington is around the corner. The six story Chateau 10 is around the other corner, not to mention to 17 story San Felipe Place office tower. The applicant stated the
  20. And I'd love to know how a developer who apparently has no track record for this type of building, nor any presence in Houston, will get funding for this.
  21. Received FAA ok today in letter of determination https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=269259953&row=3
  22. This is a building that might have a hard time competing with other new construction. The location is less urban than the Arabella and the Willshire. It also only has 9 foot ceilings and the floor plans are much less compelling. I don't know the recent sales data but I think it was just short of 20% in mid August.
  23. Another two week deferral at the Planning Commission.
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