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  1. The D in DC is Davis. It’s a collaboration with his business partner Robert Contranaous (sp?). On a related note, I know some people don’t like his designs but are there quality issues too? I’m shocked at how low some of his resale’s are like the Astoria which has high end finishes and units in the 450 per sq ft range which seems really low compared to other recent construction. His builder, GT Leech, is same one who built the ultra expensive The River Oaks.
  2. I think at one point there was supposed to be a high-end restaurant in this building, that would also offer room service to the Arabella. Not sure if that's (still) the case.
  3. Not yet. Sales center in process of moving around corner to break ground. Website has shifted from breaking ground this summer to breaking ground soon. Unclear if that means it’s imminent or don’t even want to commit to summer. I also think they’re trying to finalize permits.
  4. Is this going to block the views of Skyhouse, Arabella and the Wilshire? The views from these buildings in many units are already poor from the north-south sides due to their proximity to reach other.
  5. Project is still alive. Now with revised and smaller floor plans. The building is going from 11 to 15 units, with presumably a lower starting price.
  6. Wondering if this is dead. HAR listings are gone. I also heard last month that sales were very slow and they were thinking of shrinking some of the floor plans on lower levels to reduce entry price point.
  7. The end of this article on the Robinhood Bar-Bleu article mentions that the owner of the bar sold the land to a developer who plans to put up a 20 story residential highrise: “I recently sold the land that the club sat on to a real estate developer who will build a 20-story high rise,” Klienbart wrote on Facebook, “which will ultimately block of the views (of the Houston skyline).” https://www.click2houston.com/news/houston-bar-owner-paints-karma-on-parking-lot-ground-after-feud-with-neighbors
  8. So they plan on selling one per week -- after selling 4 in the past year? Skeptical that the onsite sales center will boost sales to that extent, especially with all of the competing options nearby.
  9. It looks like Pelican Builders moved the sales center trailer that was at Mimosa Place to the Revere. Sales at the Revere are about 10 percent after one year of marketing, but I guess they are still trying to push this forward with the clearing of the land and movement of the sales center. And what will happen to Mimosa Place -- the 18 story Pelican town home community down the road? Will this be a joint sales center now for the Revere and Mimosa Place? I believe that Mimosa Place is also not selling very well. They fenced in the (I believe 6) completed town homes away from the rem
  10. Looks nicer than the previous design. How much smaller is it given it's shorter with different setbacks? And what market will it target? There's already two very high-end buildings not selling very well around the corner from here (Revere by Pelican and Mimosa Place). Will this actually happen?
  11. I was by this area over the weekend. It looks like the residents are all gone. They had some very light equipment on site. Is demolition imminent? How are pre-sales?
  12. Surprised they didn't announce pre-sales. It's sort of implied but not stated. Anyone know how building is doing?
  13. Starting at 2 million. Looks very nice with great floor plans (and on a per square foot basis cheaper than the inferior Revere building across the street; in fairness, Revere has more common amenities and is 3 times the size). But a bit skeptical this (or Revere) gets built given glut of seven figure townhouses/patio homes already built or in the middle of construction in the neighborhood that are cheaper than these buildings, with comparable finishes (but still struggling to sell). http://www.har.com/mimosa-terrace/highrise_190
  14. Not bad. It will be interesting to see how pricing stacks up against the Revere around the corner, which I think is a pretty boring building with a high price tag (and that I hear is not selling well). With all of the 7 figure town homes not selling in this area, I wonder if this will find buyers. I also wonder if neighborhood opposition, which seemed to kill Revere Place nearby, will also come.
  15. I guess it's now official. Website now has new rendering with less glass as suggested in this thread months before. Took them long enough.
  16. Oops. Meant to the North. The buildings are very close. Arabella is also close but at least will be taller for the higher floors.
  17. Those views to the south look completely blocked by SkyHouse. Has anyone been up there? It's hard to believe people would spend such large amounts of money to look into a neighbor's apartment.
  18. My numbers are price per square foot. This one just went under option: www.har.com/u/31cb498C7 I think it is devloper inventory. Non-developer inventory likely can't be priced the same as developer inventory until the developer sells out. I also received some information from the sales office about even less expensive per square foot units in the upper 300s.
  19. In fairness to developer, a lot of these appear to be resales -- people flipping units. But how does all of this inventory not impact new buildings going up?
  20. By my account, over 35% of the building is still for sale or lease. Some of the listings are as low as the 400s per/square foot and I believe there were some off market sales in the upper 300s. Can someone explain to me if this is typical for new construction? Before the building finished, listings were in the 600s. Was this considered a big financial flop (we can debate over the appearance of the building, but that's another story)? This same developer has a new project (Arabella) very close by selling in 600ish range too. With so much old inventory in Astoria, why move forward?
  21. Wow. So only two sold? There is such a glut of new town homes for sale over 1.5 million in this area.
  22. HAR listings with floor plans. Note the crazy expensive price, and that many of the "cheaper" units under 2 million have only a handful of windows (at least from my read of the floor plans). Given the unusual shape and small size of the lot, the units are also very narrow. It's hard to imagine these will sell, especially given the glut of super expensive townhouse around the corner that aren't selling either and are actually cheaper. http://www.har.com/search/dosearch?region_id=1&for_sale=1&property_class_id=6&buildingname=The Revere At River Oaks
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