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  1. Finally builders have caught on that you can fit many more condo units than townhomes on the same sized lot. And most people prefer one floor to four. What took so long?
  2. From today's Houston Chronicle: Building to be completed in Spring, 2020 Over 75% sold out Officially topped out https://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/River-Oaks-condo-tower-tops-out-14047001.php
  3. If the construction loan is due when the building is finished and they haven't sold enough to pay off the loan, they could slow down the construction.
  4. Brooklyn athletic club, a restaurant in Montrose which recently closed, had bocce courts.
  5. My point was simply the building is not selling--the market has been the naysayer; I was just the messenger. I think they've sold about 3-4 units in the past 14 months. It was supposed to open winter 2019 -- sign still says that. My guess is they are slowing construction down because of lack of sales.
  6. Article is from last year...I’d hardly characterize sales as brisk. Building has some interesting design elements but I’m not sure Houston is best market for it.
  7. Need to compare apples to apples. How much more is concrete vs wood frame construction? The interior buildout is also very expensive vs builder grade finishes.
  8. So no condos in their portfolio? It's very different than most of the retail/commercial or even some of the SFH projects they built. It makes the project less certain than if established condo developers were behind it.
  9. They will need to hit presales before construction begins. Last time they only presold 1 of 11 units so they redesigned the building with smaller units and didn’t market it for about a year. They also moved sales agencies. Sudhoff was their old agent and they seem to represent all the new high end construction. Not sure any of this will work. Has the builder Citiscsape put up multi-family in Houston before?
  10. That’s an old picture. I walked by this afternoon. It looks like they’re just finishing the staircases for roof access but the roof itself looks finished. I think the building has one more floor finished than what that picture reflects.
  11. They started constructing a wood fence around the site today. This.looks like it is finally getting started in earnest.
  12. Neat. My understanding is the building will top off on Monday.
  13. Every time I see updated pictures I can’t help but think about the Robinhood condos and that they are getting what they deserve.
  14. 70% sold, topping off at the end of the month, first units ready in approximately a year, according to HBJ: https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/04/01/river-oaks-luxury-condo-to-top-off-this-month.html
  15. These are very expensive condos, not apartments. They should be a lot more durable as they are concrete and not the cheap wood common with 5 story wood frame construction.
  16. I think this project is now dead. I think this is the land that just went under contract: https://www.har.com/2406-mimosa-drive-7/sale_93095410. I don't know what the new buyer has in store for the land. The neighborhood resisted this building from the start.
  17. Exciting to see this area develop. Someone needs to knock down the Public Storage across the street next.
  18. They’ve been clearing the site the last two weeks and digging for foundation. The sales center moved around corner and they cleared that land too and use it for crew parking. Given that the building takes up most of the land, how will they fit a crane?
  19. Say what you want about him, but he kept his word not to build past the residential floors of Arabella.
  20. Per Facebook: "We are pleased to announce The Revere at River Oaks has broken ground! Construction starts Monday" https://www.facebook.com/TheRevereatRiverOaks/ I wonder how long this one will take as it's only 9 stories.
  21. I jogged by today. The sales center has moved around the corner but it didn't really look like much happened at the main site, as of this morning at least.
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