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  1. 12 stories? Taller than I thought. I guess we need the podium parking finished in the Randall Davis signature way on top of the residences.
  2. At one point, the builder bought an entire floor in this building. I wonder what percentage of the 30% is bought by the builder. Developers play all kind of games to show perceived interested in their properties, and "offers" is one of them. Offers don't indicate any interest because we don't know how serious they are. Why would you report an offer that ultimately gets rejected or doesn't go to contract? It's because you don't have actual sales under contract.
  3. Offers mean nothing. You can offer $5.00 for a unit. Reporting this metric is misleading and meaningless…that was my point. They’ve been trying to sell this building for about 5 years now. It’s not going well.
  4. 30 percent sold now. 8 offers implied 50 percent sold. Either they’re going backwards or use some creative language in their marketing before.
  5. New Randall Davis condo with 23 units https://londonhousehouston.com i couldn't grab a picture but he’s go a banner on the property too. Only 23 residences are planned for this boutique midrise condo in the heart of River Oaks. The timeless design is inspired by the neighboring townhomes and the elegant houses of London. This soon to be treasured development will have expansive views of The Galleria, Downtown, and overlooks the finest neighborhood in Houston.
  6. Maybe a new building. The English townhome Winfield Gate community is on the next block. This application says London House. The lot is 15,000 square feet. I’m guessing a midrise.
  7. I wonder if he might be moving the building. That piece of land on San Felipe, I believe, just hit the market for sale. This might bring another neighborhood battle that maybe he thinks he could win because it's next to the San Felipe tower Hines built.
  8. His buildings appear to depreciate very fast. He does offer a lot of amenities and a bold taste, if that’s your thing. But if you look at recent sales data at Arabella and Astoria, pricing is way down from original.
  9. Interesting that they are using GT Leach, the GC for many of Randall Davis’s buildings. Hopefully this one will turn out differently.
  10. The cost of concrete and steel construction is also higher.
  11. The Ashby high rise land is finally being put to use!
  12. Walked by the other night. 16 units and “breaking ground 2021.” Not sure if they sold any. The only progress since last year looks to be this new sign.
  13. I read 3 sales backed out among COVID uncertainty. I agree this one will be a long wait. And I’m sure there will be the inevitable design changes RD always seems to make. I actually like the look of this building, but then again I also liked the original Arabella plan until it got its “makeover.”
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