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  1. Interesting that they are using GT Leach, the GC for many of Randall Davis’s buildings. Hopefully this one will turn out differently.
  2. The Ashby high rise land is finally being put to use!
  3. Walked by the other night. 16 units and “breaking ground 2021.” Not sure if they sold any. The only progress since last year looks to be this new sign.
  4. I read 3 sales backed out among COVID uncertainty. I agree this one will be a long wait. And I’m sure there will be the inevitable design changes RD always seems to make. I actually like the look of this building, but then again I also liked the original Arabella plan until it got its “makeover.”
  5. That’s so exciting! I hope they enjoy their new place and please send any pictures.
  6. You were right! I saw Centerpoint out on Sunday moving the pole. I was driving so I couldn't snap a picture.
  7. It would be neat if she was the first to move in and have whole place to herself.
  8. Building looks about done. I’d imagine people will start moving in soon.
  9. Yes, this one seems to be moving fast. How are sales For the residential portion in this environment? I believe the condos are on top of a hotel, a very difficult business now.
  10. Update from yesterday... garage, canopy and sidewalks are being installed.
  11. Nice but looks so similar to neighboring Hanover. A little strange to have this be the site of a classic French inn too.
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