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  1. db650

    5656 San Felipe: New 17-Story Condo High-Rise

    Looks a little like Wilshire.
  2. db650

    Randall Davis Condo 3723 Westheimer Road

    Exciting to see this area develop. Someone needs to knock down the Public Storage across the street next.
  3. db650

    The Revere at River Oaks

    Now 65% sold per their website.
  4. db650

    The Revere at River Oaks

    The crane was constructed this morning.
  5. db650

    The Revere at River Oaks

    They’ve been clearing the site the last two weeks and digging for foundation. The sales center moved around corner and they cleared that land too and use it for crew parking. Given that the building takes up most of the land, how will they fit a crane?
  6. db650

    4411 San Felipe: 8 Story Office Building

    Say what you want about him, but he kept his word not to build past the residential floors of Arabella.
  7. db650

    The Revere at River Oaks

    Per Facebook: "We are pleased to announce The Revere at River Oaks has broken ground! Construction starts Monday" https://www.facebook.com/TheRevereatRiverOaks/ I wonder how long this one will take as it's only 9 stories.
  8. db650

    The Revere at River Oaks

    I jogged by today. The sales center has moved around the corner but it didn't really look like much happened at the main site, as of this morning at least.
  9. db650

    4411 San Felipe: 8 Story Office Building

    The D in DC is Davis. It’s a collaboration with his business partner Robert Contranaous (sp?). On a related note, I know some people don’t like his designs but are there quality issues too? I’m shocked at how low some of his resale’s are like the Astoria which has high end finishes and units in the 450 per sq ft range which seems really low compared to other recent construction. His builder, GT Leech, is same one who built the ultra expensive The River Oaks.
  10. db650

    4411 San Felipe: 8 Story Office Building

    I think at one point there was supposed to be a high-end restaurant in this building, that would also offer room service to the Arabella. Not sure if that's (still) the case.
  11. db650

    The Revere at River Oaks

    Not yet. Sales center in process of moving around corner to break ground. Website has shifted from breaking ground this summer to breaking ground soon. Unclear if that means it’s imminent or don’t even want to commit to summer. I also think they’re trying to finalize permits.
  12. db650

    Gables Westcreek High-Rise - 15 floors

    Is this going to block the views of Skyhouse, Arabella and the Wilshire? The views from these buildings in many units are already poor from the north-south sides due to their proximity to reach other.
  13. db650

    The Revere at River Oaks

    Now at 50% sold, breaking ground soon per their website.
  14. Project is still alive. Now with revised and smaller floor plans. The building is going from 11 to 15 units, with presumably a lower starting price.