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  1. The mall has not changed much in the past year with the exception of a few store changes and the upcoming closure of the Sears location. My blog at http://southernretail.blogspot.com/ has pictures and information from Greenspoint and other malls in Texas and Louisiana.
  2. Here are a few shots around town from December 23
  3. I have changed my opinion of the mall in the past few months. The owners have managed to refill almost half of the nearly empty food court and attract many new in-line tenants. I think that the mall has a good chance of rebounding such as Pasadena Town Square has. If they can get the anchor spot refilled facing 59 this mall will rebound. There have been many successful projects like the PlazAmerica plan that have refilled malls in the United States. The new owners of the mall are much more aggressive with marketing and taking care of repairs to the mall, so the mall is in much better hands now.
  4. I passed by the former Bank United building last night and the lights had changed to a light lavender color, so this building must have several different color schemes. Hopefully this building will be a trendsetter and the downtown skyline will come back to life at night.
  5. Here are some pictures of the newly lit up One Park Place and the former Bank United building off of the Southwest Freeway which recently put up blue lighting.
  6. I saw a post from another HAIFER that said Continental decided to take the logo down because the owner of the building will not pay to fix it.
  7. The RRI Reliant Energy Plaza has finally turned their lights back on! Hopefully some of the other building owners follow suit and let's get downtown lit up again! Here are a couple from last week.
  8. Check out my pictures from September 4th, 2009 at this link for proof. Work has officially started. http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=164691&page=3 Here is a sample
  9. They need to fix the lights already; the lights have not been on completely since before Hurricane Ike. I am holding out hope that the Hess Tower and Main Place will be lit up at night. Hopefully the rest of the towers will join them with some energy efficient lights. Look at the medical center at night; downtown can do so much better.On the topic; it looks like the newer former Enron building has shut their lights off too.
  10. Thanks; I wish that I had a better camera because of all of the glare that this one has in the photos.
  11. I am actually the photographer on most of the recent pictures including these that were posted from upupup, and other Houston buildings. I visit downtown twice a month or more because my kids love the Discovery Green park. I take pictures of the high rise construction in the downtown area for the skyscraper page forums. You will see my updates there before you see them here.
  12. I was the one who took those pictures last week when I took my family to Discovery Green and I have no idea what those objects are. I took those pictures over the construction fence, so I did not see those items until I reviewed the pictures later. The next time I go down there I will try to see if I can talk to a worker about what those objects are. I go downtown twice a month and send my pictures to the skyscraperpage forum, so be on the lookout for more info there and here. My screen name is johnme there as well.
  13. I snapped a couple of photos tonight. The Wells Fargo tower has a different side lit up now and the side that had pieces lit up is now dark. If someone charged them to fix the lights they need to get their money back. The Continental Building
  14. I know that the mall went into bankruptcy, so did someone else purchase it? If that is not the case the owners do not have enough money to tear down a wall much less the whole mall. This mall really has declined since Macy's and Fingers closed; the food court only has one restaurant left! I have taken several pictures of the mall in the past year that I have posted on my blog at http://southernretail.blogspot.com/ . I have several other Houston Malls and I have created articles accompanying these photos. Check my site out and leave comments or submissions.
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