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  1. thanks to all that liked the info...I wondered if I was not boring with too much info, but it seemed to all piece together

    Chimney Rock was not cut through until into the 90s probably like 95 (I was not back in Houston as much by then)

    I dated a girl for about 9 months that lived in the third house on the right on the east side of Indian Circle from Chimney Rock and I know it was not cut through in 1987 and for several years after I believe....the guys in the house next to her had been in my scout troop and she never liked them because one of them blew up her dads 450SL tire with an M80......use to be a full time armed security guard that would sit pretty much all night right along there on Chimney Rock on a part of the street that was paved, but where you did not drive just before Indian Circle

    There was some controversy, but by then Houston was starting to get the council members that wondered why "the rich" could keep streets from going through their area so the bridge was finally built and that was that

    when we first moved into Lakeside the edge of the city limits was the western edge of Walnut Bend, but it was moved rapidly out to Dairy Ashford within a couple of years and stayed out there for at least 3-4 fireworks seasons because that is where all the fireworks stands would be

    back then in Lakeside for sure and I believe Walnut Bend you HAD TO HAVE WOODEN SHINGLES by deed restriction......our family did an addition to our house and a fireman was the contractor and right at that time he knew 100% for sure that Houston was going to outlaw wooden shingles for any new roofs so our new addition, 3/4 of our garage roof and the back side of our existing house roof were done in composition and then a few months later when the law passed we had the front of the garage and the front of the house done as well......some may remember many of the crappier apartment complexes around Houston would have decorative siding as shingles too and when they would catch fire the place was about impossible to put out

    I remember the Harold Farb apartments all over west Houston and the sign that went with them.....I don't believe I ever met him, but several of my friends would party some with Harold Farbs son (I believe his name was Kenyon) and he was a pretty cool and down to earth guy from what they all said...I was probably at several of the same parties, but just never met him

    Also probably until at least 1990 and probably several years later Kirkwood did not cross the Bayou as well....it dead ended north and south of it, but there was no bridge

    by 1984 Briar Forest was 4 lanes at Dairy Ashford and on past to at least Briar Bayou Drive.....from there it was two lanes I believe for a long time hell it may have been gravel for some of that time as well....I had some friends that lived in Briar Bayou (back then Paul Revere and Lee drew from the western edge of 610 all the way to highway 6 and Rogers was some type of "special" school and was even closed part of the time......my brother went to Rogers for 6th and 7th and part of the 8th grade and then the other part of the year he had an option and chose Revere because it was so much closer and all his better friends were doing the same (and no bus ride).....they all spent a lot of time moving stuff in and getting the place set up

    on the east edge of Briar Bayou drive right ad Briar Forest google earth still shows a vacant lot that where a guy named David Kay lived that was a grade younger than me and was friends with the others I knew.....their house burned in about 87 I believe and I am shocked nothing has ever been built then.....the gated community to the east of Briar Bayou (I think it is called Stonehenge I might be wrong) was all built in about 82-83 and I had a friend or two that lived in there as well

    it looks like the skating rink just south of Westella on Dairy Ashford is still there and that was a big hangout in middle school back when parents could just drop kids off and then pick them back up later

    I knew three others that lived on Briar Bayou one that was just down from the corner and then another guy that I can't remember his damn name for the life of me.....if you go down Briar Bayou it takes a jog and if you were to just drive straight you would crash right into their house.....it was a cool flat roof house that had been featured in Houston Homes and Gardens (or something like that that was a big time magazine), but by then some "issues" had basically made the place TRASHED.......that was another of many of the people I knew that it seemed did not have parents......some girls I knew could sneak their parents cars out a lot and we could all go over there and party like hell and not even have to clean up because you could not tell your mess from the existing mess......he had several wild blowouts there as well that got pretty crazy.......further down was a hotty I believe named Korry (a girl) that had a cool orange scout, but not everyone knew her as well because her family paid for her to go to Stratford which was common at the time Jeff Bagwells former wife Shaune did the same thing though she almost got kicked out when she posed for a magazine and guys were hanging the pages on her locker she was a really sweet girl for being such a hotty and having become a pretty big model even back then I did not know her super well, but several of my friends were really good friends with her and I would see her around parties and the beach and what not (shout out to 16 and 18 mile roads in Galveston)

    that girl Korry was known because once a year her parents went somewhere and she had the house and she would have a pretty massive blowout as well, but it was kind of hush hush for such a raging party so her place did not get trashed

    I am 99% sure it was Briar Forest that was dirt or gravel because where it curves near where Eldridge is now was a lot sharper curve where people were always having wrecks and one wreck there that still affects us all was when a guy that went to Lee had a dirt bike break down just to the east of that curve and he and his brother were loading it up in his brothers truck at night and a drunk guy came around the curve and hit them and he lost one of his legs......the drunk was pretty much worthless so it turned out to be the first time that anyone (I believe in the USA) and almost definitely in Texas went after the bar for serving someone more drinks when they were clearly drunk.....they ended up and won the case and like I say it was either the first time that had been tried or maybe the first win in that type of case....I am 99% sure I remember his name and his first name was Troy, but I wont say the last name on here

    further down at Briar Forest and Highway 6 I knew a guy names Sterling McGuire (I believe it was) and that area right around there was like a little Rivercrest in a way (without the trees and Bayou, but it had big 10 acre or so lots and horses and other animals (similar to what Westway Ln looks like just north of there on google)

    my dad and mom had worked at the downtown Foleys before I was born and a guy they had worked with was the first manager of the West Oaks Foleys...my mom had her original Foleys Charge Card well into the 90s and back then when customer service was still decent she would whip that tired looking thing out and the clerk knew they were dealing with a lifer and many would comment they had not seen one of those in years :lol:

    I am sure some others will remember this, but for a while they had widened Westheimer (greatest stretch of road on earth) to 3 lanes from west 610 all the way to 6.......then when it became too crowded Houston came up with the brilliant plan to save money instead of going in and buying up right of way especially from 610 to about Gessner they went in and re-striped the roads from three 12 foot wide lanes down to 4 10 foot wide lanes and cut out chunks of the median in the middle to get the extra few feet they needed......the damn buses in Houston at that time were something like 10 feet or 10'2" wide so when you drove down the street and came up on a bus stopped or to pass everyone had to squeeze over a bit more towards the center so the person in the lane next to the bus could pass.....I think that lasted 3 or 4 years before they figured out that too many crappy drivers were not passing the buses out of fear and instead "pacing" them and then slowing down really slow to pass when the bus stopped........plus it was super crowded as hell like that and they finally went in and got the right of way and widened them back out to 4 lanes of the proper size......also just after Gessner heading west there was an area where the lanes had crazy striping and everyone would try and race to not be the car cut off in the 4th lane as they went to three and heading east everyone would race to be the one that got into the open new 4th lane......they did not even just end one lane as a right turn only or start the 4th from three after an intersection (I am 99% sure that is how it was if anyone else remembers better I would love to hear)......but that was driving in Houston back in the day......get in, start it up, get out of the way or haul ass......there was NO middle ground haha

    thanks again to all that read and liked the info hope I did not bore with too many personal antic dotes, but they pseudo tie into why I remember some of that stuff and once again thank you Houston, Texas for being the greatest and funniest city to be born in, live in, and grow up in....I had friends in San Antonio that would hear me talk about some things and they would think I was BSing until several of them came with me to visit and saw some of the parties ect in action and some of the cool clubs we could just about walk right into at 16 and 17 and they were like damn this blows SA away and even into college others would think I was BSing until we would meet people from other areas of Houston and they all had similar stories as I did and then they were like damn Houston sounds crazy.....and back then it was

    Houston truly the greatest city on earth

    LOL, I vividly remember them narrowing Westheimer's lanes between 610 and Gessner. Great care had to be exercised in the MUCH LARGER and less easy to control cars we had then. I remember dodging the buses, and your memory is spot on about the lanes just -ending-. No warning, no help, no kidding, just suddenly you were in a lane that wasn't there any more. Then you had to get over by squeezing in.

    You were talking about growing up here; I grew up in Dallas, Ft. Worth, and San Antonio, and I can assure you, none of those places were nearly as wild as Houston.

    When I first got here (as a 21 year old fresh college grad) in 1979, it was like this: if it was Friday and you didn't have at least ONE party invitation for the weekend, something was desperately wrong. Usually, the difficulty was figuring out how to fit all the parties in, together with all the other activities (baseball in the Dome featuring Nolan Ryan, festivals, ALWAYS something to do.). If you were bored in Houston in the 70's, it was your own fault. Friendliest big city I've ever seen, full of fun and interesting people who knew how to work and knew how to play. Moved back to Dallas and the difference was striking---Houston was wide-open, Dallas was restrained; Houston was friendly, Dallas was reserved; Houston was full of partying singles, Dallas was full of young churchgoing married people with kids. Huge differences.

    Great thread.

  2. Boogaloo, that was without a doubt the finest and most entertaining series of posts I've ever read on this forum (and I've read a lot of them; I just don't post much).

    Thank you a TON for all that fascinating info!

    I lived here in 1979, and, as I said, I always thought that "when I grew up and got rich" (ha) I'd like to live over here. I lived in "Swingin Singlesville" Southwest Houston, at Bissonnet and what is now Beltway 8 (but what was then not even West Belt; it was just a wide open swath of land that "some day" they were going to build a freeway on. I had to wait a week to move into my apartment; it was called DoubleTree, a new Harold Farb, and I had to take it at "preconstruction" (meaning I had to sign the lease while it was being built) in order to even GET an apartment. Then, when it was ready, I had to wait a week because they couldn't get the water connected---there weren't enough City workers to connect it that fast, Houston was growing by 2,000 residents a week at that point.

    Anyway, I was in and out of the city (I've moved all over the country since then) periodically over the years and it's changed (has it ever...). I KNEW that Briar Forest was NOT constituted like it is now, I just couldn't remember what it was like---it stopped at Rivercrest! And Chimney Rock didn't go through to IH 10, either (I'll bet there was some rich folks hue and cry over that when they cut it through). I remember the Westchase Hilton being all shiny and new; I stayed in it many times when coming back to Houston on business. This area out here was "far west Houston" then, and Dairy Ashford, as I recall, was just about the end of the civilized universe---fields and ranches past it. I remember Andrau Airpark vividly, and Westpark was a road with a railroad track and power lines beside it. Bellaire Blvd. stopped somewhere about where the Beltway is, and I remember driving on the "newly expanded" Westheimer out to Highway 6 when there was literally nothing out there. A subdivision here and there and a lot of cows.

    I wrecked my new car on Highway 6. Why? I was dating this girl in Tomball (!), and I'd been up to Tomball to see her and came back down 1960 to Highway 6 down to the (then 4 lanes each way past Bissonnet) Southwest Fwy, then home. Highway 6 was mostly 2 lane, but they were expanding it and it was under construction. The young lady and I had, um, imbibed quite a bit, and I was driving home when I shouldn't have been, and, well, I ran into the cones and off into the rebar/open construction area. The car would still go and I left the scene (is the statute of limitations expired at this point? 31 years ago, wowsers...). It was the company's car and I had to pay to fix it myself before they found out. That was somewhere around the current Highway 6 and Briar Forest, and there was absolutely, positively nothing out there (I was the only car on the road). I remember the first time I went that way, I was shocked that Westheimer went all the way out there (and stopped).

    Your descriptions of the area are amazing and wonderful, Boogaloo. You are a great storyteller in the grand old Texas tradition!

  3. Howdy people! I have been observing for years and wanted to throw my hat in the ring. I am curious if some people out there can give me some info on my neighborhood.

    I have lived in Walnut Bend for the better part of of 25 years. I also spent several years living off of Dairy Ashford and Memorial.

    If anyone has any info on the area...not current but historical I would love to hear.

    Thanks everyone!!

    Like you, I live in the West Houston area. I've lived in Houston twice in my life; in 1979 and now. I remember "Sunday driving" out in this area where I live now, thinking, "Gee, I'd sure love to live here some day!" and I do....

    I've found out a couple of things (probably discussed elsewhere on this forum, so please don't everybody jump me).

    1. How Dairy Ashford got its name: It's one of those Houston-special hyphenated names, denoting place to place. "Dairy" was what is now Alief, and referred to a concentration of dairy farms in the area. "Ashford" was a small community located close to the current Westheimer/Dairy Ashford intersection. So the road between them was "Dairy-Ashford", just like "Barker-Cypress", "Aldine-Bender", etc. I am not aware of another area that names roads like this.

    2. There is recent work from UH and Rice indicating that there are a large number of geologic faults in the area, which are responsible for the terrible condition of the roads---and the foundations---in the area.

    I don't remember, though, from 1979 when I was driving my company car (and their gas...) around out here looking at houses, the now bombed-out intersection of Wilcrest and Briar Forest at all. If anybody knows, what grocery store was there before Food Town? Was it a nice shopping center? Did it start to go bad with the arrival of the Katrina refugees, or was it going downhill beforehand? I just remember everything out here being new in 1979.

  4. When I moved here in 1979, my dad bought me a street map. The key was to the left of Gessner. That was as far west as Houston went! There was literally NOTHING past Gessner! I spent my birthday that year driving up and down Highway 6 looking for Bellaire. Unbeknown to me, they didn't intersect at the time. Not funny then, but VERY funny now.

    Depends what part of Gessner.

    My second trip to Houston (first was on a Super Constellation with my mother; I was 3 and wearing saddle oxfords and a sailor suit...Mother had her Jackie Kennedy pillbox and wore heels, pearls, and a suit) was in 1973; my aunt had a brand new 73 Lincoln Mark IV and I had a learners' permit; she handed me the keys and let me drive all the way! Her friend had taken a job as an apartment manager and we all went to see her; she was managing these apartments waaaaaaaaaaay out in the west part of town---Gessner and IH 10.

    When I moved to Houston in 1979, I lived southwest (where all the other young single people lived) in a brand-new Harold Farb apartment that I had to lease pre-construction (so as to get an apartment at all). It was on Bissonnet (my gf's family lived in Missouri City; I thought it would be a good compromise). It backed up to this great greenbelt; they were going to build a freeway on it at some point in the distant future (Beltway 8). All of that was west of Gessner---but just barely. There were a few strip centers on Gessner (mostly in the middle of empty fields). They built the brand-new Hilton Westchase---standing all by itself---and I remember thinking, "Who on earth would stay all the way out here? How will they keep it going?"

    I remember driving around the neighborhood where I now live. It was out in the middle of the rice fields north of Andrau Airpark. The houses were "beautiful" to me; I remember thinking, "I wish I could afford to live there some day." Well, here I am. This seemed like "halfway to San Antonio" then; now it's right in town. While I no longer think the houses are "beautiful" :), I do still love the neighborhood (I always have liked the "Houston/Cal-contempo" style, and I still do). It looks better now with mature trees; "civilized".

    I've lived all over the US since then, and wound up back here. I maintain this is the friendliest big city to which I've ever been; I love the architecture here and the big freeways and all the great diversity.

    To the OP: thanks for the tip, I'd never heard of historical maps being available on Google Earth, either.

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