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  1. I just finished the Papa Mo's Special at Papa Mo's deli on TC Jester between i-10 and the railroad tracks. It was excellent.
  2. Perhaps it is a cold joint in the stucco? The contractor stuccoed 4' high all around the house because the scaffolding wasn't on the job. He then came back and finished the job when the scaffolding arrived? That is just a guess.
  3. rlf715--Have you had any water penetration issues? What about efflorescence on the exterior or interior? On the interior walls where there is sheetrock, did you put any waterproofing on the interior face of the CMU? Thanks, Brickfence
  4. Call Daniel Matta. He is a retired foreman from a masonry construction company located in the Heights. Plus he was a Heights resident (so he is familiar with the styles) and still lives near the area. His phone number is 713-922-2017. He will be happy to take a look at the project and will do so at no cost. He has done several renovation/remodel projects for me in the past and this is right up his alley.
  5. You are thinking of the Kroger on 20th. There is a Subway in that development. There is no Subway in Merchants Park, which is on 11th.
  6. As long as we are ranting about Kroger, am I the only one who is completely over the Cowboy Valentine Kroger campaign? I mean, yes, the Dad and the son bought flowers for their significant others, or both for the mom, or what ever. I am sick of seeing the same billboard for the last ten years.
  7. Not quite yet, it is still under construction. Maybe two more months.
  8. Just passed by the site of the new Maggie Rita's. It is the old pool hall on Shepard, basically across the street from the new Lupe Tortilla's, which is just one block away from the new Bullritos, which is in direct competition with Mission Burritos on Durham, which is one or two blocks away from Cyclone Anayas, which is a few blocks from both Molina's, El Tiempo, and Cadillac Bar. Anyone hungry for Mexican food at lunch?
  9. Floor n Decor has as good or better than anyone in the city.
  10. Now that Tommie Vaughn has passed away, the rules on dry vs wet locations are a lot looser.
  11. I have heard that Kroger will redevelop the entire shopping center to become another Signature Kroger. Once Walgreens moves across the street, look for Kroger to take over the entire property. And yes, I do realize how close it is to the one on 11th st.
  12. Just heard through the grapevine that Shuck Daddy's will transform into a Lupe Tortilla's. Interesting. On one hand, it is a now a multi-unit restaurant (which is just one notch away from the dreaded chain restaurant). On the other hand, their food is pretty good at lower prices than Cyclone Anaya's, which will be just around the corner. What say you??
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