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  1. Ugh I feel like I'm going to stumble over that edge just looking at that picture. But that is a beautiful view. I wish Google would do some night-time aerial imagery over big cities someday, that would be useless but really cool. I guess aside from being expensive and not commercially useful, there must be some technical issue with exposure times making such a thing hard to do?
  2. As a lower middle class slob I wish I had more opportunities to wear a suit sometimes. I happen to think I look good in one. But yeah, going to work everyday like that would be awkward. It's nice to look good in the office though, I have co-workers who come in with t-shirts with holes in them and I'm like, really?
  3. I'm glad they kept the bowling alley. It makes this a much more interesting strip.
  4. Interesting color. Reminds me of the color of the historic CTA 'El' structures in the Chicago Loop. Hopefully they'll stay like that and not rust too quickly.
  5. That's wild. Never thought this would have a snowballs chance in hell but it looks more serious now. Is the new tenant relocating from somewhere else in town?
  6. I don't care that much if this project cannibalizes nameless suburban office buildings but it would be a shame if we had more vacancy in downtown and other major locales.
  7. I don't agree, I don't think the web delivery app types are what this intends to attract. Everything I've read suggests this is more about cloud and data science type stuff as applied in health care, industry, etc.
  8. I'd be down with doing this someday. I mean I've only been lurking on this forum for 15 years(I was in high school when I joined). It would be fun to know what people look like.
  9. I don't think that church was that new. From Google Earth's historic imagery slider you can see it as far back as 2002. The next available year is 1995 and doesn't appear to be built yet. So it's anywhere between 18 to 25 years old. Anyways, this tower is pretty plain but it will also look impressive as there aren't any other tall buildings around it.
  10. Whether or not the property owner and developer were in the right, can we all just agree for once that building a multistory self-storage warehouse on top of what had been one of the last historic movie theaters on a sidewalk fronting lot in the city is just like dropping a massive wet turd and why Houston can't be nice like other cities? Call me a NIMBY if you want, but you know people do vote with their dollars and feet when it comes to where they prefer to live and work. It's why people from other cities look down on us. If Houston preserved its historic commercial buildings and street
  11. Interesting development, this is good infill for a suburban location. Not all the units have garage parking, but it sounds like the ones that do would have it almost attached to the building then?
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