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  1. Kind of wish they had waited a few more months. Now we may have to wait another year to see even the dirt being moved on new stuff around the TMC, etc.
  2. 16 floors is still a decent sized building even if its not a skyscraper. It will still have a pretty serious presence and add a lot of units to that one corner, making that area feel and function more in an urban way.
  3. No, it clearly says its a "Restraunt"
  4. There's such an odd mix of dense apartment development surrounded by nothing down there. I wonder if someday the lot where Astro World is could get redeveloped, and maybe the current configuration of the Fannin South Park and Ride LRT station could be changed. That whole are could be a new dense urban neighborhood.
  5. Frost Town is a cool sounding name.... I'm glad that side of downtown is getting more interest.
  6. I'm sure the interior build out is very nice, but if I didn't know what was going on I'd say from its external appearance that the old Fiesta was becoming some kind of non-denominational church with a name like "Praise Connection" or something. Or maybe it's a new "Junior Striver's Academy Charter School". Or a Mega Self Storage. Just looks the part, lol.
  7. Ok, that makes sense. I've always wondered why that area hasn't filled in faster. Makes sense they'd finally get around to building something considering there are a bunch of roads already in place.
  8. Where is this at? I assume its not actually in Friendswood but somewhere on the west side of 45 near the mall? Or is it across the freeway next to the Kelsey Sebold clinic and the other apartment project that looks similar?
  9. I hate to say it, because it's negatively affecting the surrounding community to lose businesses and property, but then OTOH I would think being bought out by TXDOT and hopefully getting a nice bucket of cash from them might be the best outcome. So many abandoned or decaying buildings and strip clubs and dubious motels will be wiped out and I don't think many will actually miss it.
  10. How tall of a building would the city of Bellaire permit at this location? Are we looking at a midrise with ground floor retail and garage, or is it going to be more 2-story strip mall type things? I always saw Bellaire as being the Houston equivalent of Dallas' University Park(West U and Southside are more like Highland Park, even more exclusive). Or maybe like Evanston, Il. UP has more commercial development. You'd think the NIMBYs could think outside the box. There are multiple places in Bellaire that could be new urban, walkable nodes with taller buildings.
  11. Considering how little news there has been for that lot next to the new garage across the street facing the square, I think this building will have nice views for quite a while.
  12. There are two more restaurant pads under way, but I couldn't read the sign while driving down the freeway. The old main building of the TI plant is still a mess though. I hope this project succeeds, I really wish some of the "middle ring suburbs" of Houston could catch a break instead of being forgotten while the core and the outer greenfield development grows.
  13. Cruising around town again and while going down Bellaire I noticed there are reinforced concrete columns up now for the building and lots of digging for the fields/pool/etc.
  14. It looks like the entire southern half of the hourglass shaped building is gone now, and they are hammering away at the northern end.
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