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  1. First of all, thanks for the replies. I have been doing a lot of homework on my own and searching on my own as well, but I thought a realtor might help us find some unlisted/early properties, and mainly with the negotiating part. As for the realtor I'm working with...it's my second one. The first one kept pressuring me from the start to sign a contract with him which made me uncomfortable....and now the current one is not really listening to me and appear to have her own agenda. And I've tried to do research on realtors, like looking at their credentials (for ex: ABR, CBR, etc...) if that really matters. But thanks again for your insights as I'm new at this and my first experience with dealing with realtors.
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if it's a good idea to have a realtor (ABR) working for me that is in the same company as the listing realtor (just as an example, both working at Coldwell or some other company, etc.). I was thinking about negotiating on a house and was wondering if I should worry about that before I express my intent. I would appreciate any knowledge or suggestions more experienced members may have on dealing with and selecting a good realtor in Houston. As a side note, I've noticed that during my search for a home, realtors sometimes shy away from certain properties without giving any reason although it's a good property. For example, when I suggested a property I liked and considered, she told me I could do better and just brushed it off and showed me other properties. Do realtors make more for certain properties or have secret incentives. Thanks for any help and thoughts.
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