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  1. I'm looking to purchase a house in the heights that has alley access. One thing I'm worried about is the potential for theft since access cannot be restricted. What do you think? Does anyone have any experience living in a house with alley access? Thanks, Blake
  2. I am looking for a different place for New Year's Eve this year. Last year we did The Flying Saucer which was awesome but my wife and I would like to do something different. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks, B
  3. Hello everyone, This post is probably going to be quiet different than others in this area, in the aspect that I was born and raised in Houston. My wife and I have been searching for a home for the past 6-8 months on HAR in Memorial High School zoning north of I-10. The problem is we are not finding anything that we can afford (below $300K), so I am hoping someone here could possiblely lend a hand. I have looked at the zoning line maps on SBISD, but sometimes these maps don't include all areas. My question for y'all is if you know any pockets in this area? Maybe a place where the zoning line is through a neighborhood or where one side of the street is Memorial and the other is a different school. If you know of anytthing or have any advice, please let me know. If you dont want to post it here, I understand, please email me or PM me. Thank you in advance, Blake rbwamsley@gmail.com
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