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  1. Well, it took five months but Parra is breaking ground for the construction of three new expensive townhouses on Maxie. This just shows me how little I understand the Houston real estate market. I wouldn't have believed that anyone was willing or able to pony up $300K+ for a townhouse in the Upper West End with narrow streets and open drainage ditches. Parra wouldn't have broken ground without selling at least two of the units and in fact only one unit is still listed on har.com. I'm glad for the new construction, but surprised there homebuyers prepared to invest that much money in my neighborhood.
  2. I attended the meeting last week. The project as designed was designed for the purpose of changing I-10 from being a spillway and to extend the feeder so there are other options for drivers to get off the freeway. According to the TxDOT engineer even after the reconstruction I-10 will still flood, but it won't be DESIGNED as a spillway and won't fill completely to the rim. The obvious issues for the residents and community activists is that today they know their neighborhoods can't flood because of the convenient spillway behind their homes. One woman in the crowd even emphasized she couldn't care less if I-10 floods as long as her home doesn't. There is considerable concern that the detention ponds will be sufficient to hold the water that would otherwise have filled I-10. The fact that the work on the ponds is separate from the freeway funding and will not occur concurrently is also a concern. What happens if Mother Nature doesn't follow TxDOT's schedule and we get another 100 year storm before the ponds are excavated but after the feeder roads and walls prevent the White Oak Bayou from spilling into I-10? Where will the water go? The other issue appeared to be that there is no demand from residents for extending the feeder roads. The only benefits (to me) from this project are renovation of the bridges, which should extend their lifespan, landscaping, and noise reduction walls. I'm highly concerned what would happen if we get another Tropical Storm Allison and concerned about the additional traffic closer to my home when there's a feeder road where there is none today.
  3. Thanks Irfran. Tammy had forwarded me your e-mail after hearing from the Quiet Zone folks. I'll miss using Bonner and Thompson, but not the train horn so this is pretty exciting news. Don't know if I care that much about the feeder extension. There'll be a lot of noise and heavy trucks just one street up from where I live and probably more car noise once it's completed. Guess it'll help traffic flow along that stretch of the freeway, though so it should be a good thing as well. Thanks again! - Robert
  4. I was wondering if anyone on HAIF attended the Washington Corridor Quiet Zone informational meeting held back on Monday? They were going to update the timeline and discuss construction. The http://www.washingtonquietzone.com/ website hasn't been updated since the 8th. The construction was originally supposed to have started July 2009 and close Thompson and Bonner at the railroad tracks. I'm just curious how things stand now. Thank you in advance.
  5. Thank you poyea! I knew HAIF would be the answer to my question.
  6. The old Muffler & Brake shop at the corner of Heights and Washington next to the Enterprise Rent-a-Car seems to be under going renovation/remodeling. The old roof was ripped off last week and they're rebuilding it now. Something tells me an owner isn't investing beau coup dollars so he can re-open his car repair shop. It's a large building with a decent sized lot. Has anyone heard what might be going on?
  7. The Brewery Tap is not a brew pub. It is, however, a great place to watch EPL matches despite the fact that the owner supports Chelsea.
  8. An opportunity for local residents to comment on the proposed Quiet Zone until 5 October http://services.publicworks.houstontx.gov/traffic/survey.htm
  9. I only just noticed that it appears Reign Lounge hasn't closed. Their original sign was removed but only to be replaced by a new one. (It does look better IMHO.) Also there's a yelp post from someone who was just there a few days ago. So it looks one of our favorite places to hate (from some posts) is back!!!
  10. Sorry Poonks. Unlike Texadelphia, MyFitFoods is to help you lose weight.
  11. Poonks, it is going to be the newest MyFitFoods location and the first one with instore seating so one may dine in.
  12. Well, this is very interesting. Thanks for filling us in. I had decided to not attend because I took the plan as pretty much a "done deal". Frankly, I take more of RedScare's perspective. It's NIMBY that I don't want the streets closed, but Thompson and Bonner are the streets I normally take to come into and get out of my neighborhood. I don't want to have to drive all the way down to Patterson or Yale to get to Washington Avenue. That said, should the QuietZone be scrapped the train horns do not bother me. As for the issue of traffic patterns, I'm not aware of anyone currently trying to go down my narrow streets to get to I-10. I really don't see much traffic outside of residents and their guests. The general traffic does seem to flow mostly on Patterson, Shepherd/Durham and Yale. But I respect Jdorma1 and longhornguy's opinions. If it comes to it, I'm sure I won't miss the train horns and it will prompt more development.
  13. When in doubt check out the dictionary: http://www.urbandict...term=ED%20HARDY
  14. Mr. Gober, Hilarious first person writing. Very good. I have to say it must be something about the suburban experience at work here. I took the bus to work every day when I was working in D.C. I never saw any of that. And yeah, I had to stand most days. My worst memories were from the hot, humid days when it would rain. A bus full of sweaty soaked people, ah, now that was refreshing! And in D.C. the work culture is more conservative. We men would all be in our wool suits for work and wool has, how shall I describe this? an interesting odor when it's wet. I can't find any fault in Metro's set up. Most middle-class suburbanites outside of NJ/NY and D.C. just aren't familiar with using public transportation. Common courtesy and more familiarity with bus procedures are the only things that would mitigate the behavior you observe. Thanks again!
  15. I was there for the first time Saturday. Agree with you on the cool layout, although I don't know where you want more TVs. The terrace has a huge screen on the back wall and then smaller screens above the bar. I really liked the view of the skyline as well, but man oh man the place was packed to the gills! Lots of good looking women, not that I noticed. We ended up taking off after one beer and easily got a table in the Pearl Bar's patio area.
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