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  1. More Garden Villas photos, and a little history. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.451193691372.242257.71454851372&type=1
  2. Link to the Glenbrook Pool photos. https://www.facebook...375.71454851372
  3. The Port of Houston Authority operates a free public tour of the Houston Ship Channel and the Turning Basin Terminal aboard the M/V Sam Houston. The trip departs from the Sam Houston Pavilion and takes 90 minutes. Passengers can see international cargo vessels, docking facilities, heavy port equipment and see where Buffalo, Braes and Sims bayou meet the channel. The tour is free, but reservations are required. http://www.portofhou...hou/samhou.html
  4. "Has anyone had a chance to swing by and grab some photos? Somehow I managed to live three blocks from this place for two years, and never noticed it." I took these in Oct. 09
  5. City Council Home Page http://www.houstontx...ncil/index.html
  6. First, I get a letter letting me know I'm gonna get the census. Second, I get the census. Third, I just got a postcard to let me know that I should have gotten my census. Then I get a card asking if I want a job helping with the census.
  7. Still looking for a picture our a link to the meadowbook arches. I would love to see them. Thanks, Mike
  8. Fuzzy's Pizza & Cafe 823 Antoine Dr, Houston, Texas 77024 http://www.b4-u-eat....ews/rsv2046.asp
  9. A couple of pictures from Park Place 12-4-09
  10. Great pictures and map, two more you might add to your map. Bluebonnet Theater 1015 Broadway 1930 to 1950 Broadway Theater 1325 Broadway 1950 to 1969
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