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  1. I did not hear the broadcast. However, my husband did and he was very excited. He said Metro was somehow involved. I think we should call Metro. Like the rest of my fellow Midtowners who heard this report, I have been looking in the paper for an article. None has surfaced. We can only hope it is true! I, for one, am going to call my community outreach representative at Metro and ask some questions.
  2. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell! The University of Houston is a wonderful University. They do not get the state funding than A& M and UT do. However, they do great with what they have. We should all lobby or legislators and other legislators in the state to increase their funding. They need to be a first tear (sp?) research University! There is room for at least 6 of these in our state. This would bring brains and bucks $ to Houston. The Art department can use all the friends it can get! You can't get a patent on a painting, nor will most graduates go on to earn $$$$$$$. So, if there is anyone out there who wants to send a donation to The Fine Art Department at the University of Houston,...Do it. Creative people challenge all of us to think and create within our own chosen fields of work and our every day life. IMHO artists have always been the backbone of civilation. They just need more support in America! And yes, I give when I can.
  3. Back to the Camden project on Main....I am very interested in the project because I own some property in the area. In my opinion it will be good for the area in the short term, it could be good for the area in the long term as well. It really depends on what actually is developed and the quality of the construction. We need resturants in Midtown on Main Street to bring folks from Downtown, the Museum District, and the Med Center to our area. Once they are here...who knows they may find other businesses of interest in Midtown. And...God forbid.....they might want to live...work...play...the Midtown Way! We need more population density along the rail in Midtown. We need more people who work in Midtown as well. If this project will create any of this, then it can create nothing but positive results for Midtown. I agree that we have too many apartments in Midtown. Having said that, this project seems to be also creating working environments to go with their apartments. Also, if they "keep it open to the street" with Plazas, resturants etc. it could be wonderful! So, let us hope for quality design with quality building with some creativity thrown in. If I see any activity on the block, I will let you know. By the way I live in Norhill (Heights) and work in Midtown.
  4. Does anyone know when and where the meeting will be held. Believe me, this is MY neighborhood and we have enough prostitutes, drug dealers, etc. We have had our windows tagged with etching spray paint. The back of our building (1945 beautiful brick) tagged with spray paint. Windows broken every other week for the last 4 or 5 months. People in our lot late at night trying to sell drugs. Yes, we turn in police reports to "get it on the record". Metro and HPD are trying to clean it up. However, they can't be everywhere at once. Does anyone know exactly where they plan on being on Main Street or San Jacinto? Not at Main and McGowen becouse that had the car dealership, Green Sheet, Camden property. Not next door to the Green Sheet because that had Art Square Studios and Art Supply, not next to that because that is owned by Mr. Brackman. Where, exactly are they supposed to move? I will be at the meeting, if only someone will tell me when and where.
  5. I think National Security is important. However, I think our economy is directly tied to our National Security. So.....I think both! Without a strong economy we can not afford programs to keep our Nation Secure (the armed forces, research for new fuel alternatives, border patrol, education, paying off the national debt, health care) . In other words, how can you seperate the two. One thing I am certain of, We have not found any terrorist linked to 911 in Iraq. We have pushed Afganistan to the back burner. We have not found Ben Lauden. We have not secured our borders with Canada or Mexico. We have not reduced our reliance on foreign oil. We have not reduced our deficit. We have created very few jobs with the tax cut. We are paying more for our gas...electricity etc. I know I do not feel secure physically or economically at this point. The two issues can no longer be seperated. We need a physically conservative president who knows how to spend our money wisely and when to cut taxes and when to explaine now is not the time to cut taxes and why. I happen to think our National Security policies are full of pork belly spending... We are in the wrong country to attack terror.....Now is not the time to cut taxes. Return America to its former strength, both economically and militarily. Vote wisely in November. Me, I am still voting for Kerry. President Bush, as well meaning as he may be, has, in my opinion, has failed on both measures.
  6. ssullivan, I, too, am jelous! I did not see any significant tax savings! $100.00 a month! You must be part of the select few! Good for you! Can anyone say "FLAT TAX"?
  7. The health of our economy is always, in many respects, the result of proposed policies of our president (whomever that might be). If a prisident proposes tax cuts to spur the ecomomy, then he or she must control spending to keep the deficit under control. Too large a deficit, and investors do not choose to invest in our questionable economy. Too large a deficit, and the government must waste our tax dollars paying interest to those investors who own our debt (not always Americans). This is not a very wise policy for any country. It simply does not bode well for the future. On the other hand, too high taxes and there is limited money to create jobs or increase spending to help the economy grow. The president negotiates trade agreements with othere countries, and can bring political pressure when they are violated. ( of course, Congress also has a big hand in this). The president sets the tone for what will and will not be tolorated and expected of corporations. The president, alon with the Congresss sets the priority for spending on services and goods in this country. I could go on and on. I just want to point out electing a president directly effects the creation of jobs, wealth, security, national image, and a host of other things. Please read, read, read, look at the records of both candidates and vote wisely. This is a critical election. Probably one of the most critical in modern times. Do not believe everything you hear. There is a record for both candidates. There beliefs are there for you to see. But most importantly...however you vote...Go to the polls and cast your vote. Me, for many reasons, and because he most closely holds the beliefs I do, I will cast my vote for Mr. Kerry.
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