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  1. Just a bit ago, was walking on Cortland between 18th and 16th. Ambushed by the alley, had to throw rocks at them to get them to go away. He also say a dead cat near the alley way.
  2. Joy. So basically they built their sales office across the street. Good luck walking across Yale to the job site. At least with all these residentail townhomes, apartments and condos being built along Yale maybe the city will start making everyone go the speed limiit. I have had two cars totaled on that street (not my fault..). I drive Heights now! I am interested in what will happen at NE corner of Yale and 17th.
  3. I believe this is already built. Thought it was going to be Fisher's office.
  4. Wonder if this is more ask for forgiveness instead of permission? They most definately contiuned work and still are. I drive past it at least 4 times a day. Seems like such a rookie mistake. Geez the house and garage take up the whole property seems like the probably knew where the property line was from the start.
  5. Having just attended my first HAHC meeting to voice my opinion on a CoA, I would HIGHLY recommend using a firm that is familiar with ALL the gyrations involved in getting pass this process. I went home that evening and told my husband we would never remodel or do new construction in a historic district cause it was WAY TOO much chaos in the whole process. Saw a lot of worn out folks dealing with this whole process.
  6. I was amazed at the townhome complex being built at Harvard and 25th. Dont understand how the infrastructure is going to handle all of this buidling...... Corbella got pinged for the dirt work without a permint and then still went ahead on installling a t-pole for electric. Saw the electric company doing the dirt work and installing the conduit - felt like asking if they had a permit but I just contacted the permit department. Glad I live on Heights Boulevard towards 19th street and can feel a little insulated from it all - Barely.
  7. Corbella Builders is trying to build a 4-story townhome at the corner of Yale and 17th and started the project without ANY permits. (Why do people do that??) Interesting note: this small lot is that it is in the Historic District. Dont see a COA for anything that tall in the neighborhood.
  8. Drove by the Morrison location this weekend and was stunned at how bad a fit it is for the property and the neighborhood. Don't quite understand all the nasty debating on this site, sure seems like some folks have a lot more free time with all the nastiness going on. Makes one wonder how they pay the bill cause they certain don't seem to be working.
  9. The are very bright, vivid colors that are quickly changing, flashing and chasing around the columns. If they just had one color or slowly morphed the colors it would look better. It just seemed to advertise "Party Here!". I see a lot of distracted drivers on Yale, Heights and I10.
  10. The new strip center across from the Walmart site had their disco lights on this past Saturday night - the two tall colums in the structure that look like design elements are really lighted columns. Not sure what their plans are on using these lights. Has anyone else seen them on? Thoughts?
  11. Looking for advise how to research the impact of odors on home sales/valuation. Looks like there is going to be a new restaurant VERY close to my home that emits A LOT of cooking odors. I have been there 10 years, the location was an empty lot when I bought, then a law office was built now a local restaurant bought the building and is moving in. I am sure if I don’t want to smell a restaurant at my home, there are many people out there that would not buy my house cause they don’t want to smell the odor either. Any thoughts on how to determine financial impact or stories of how others have had sales impacted by odors/smells? Thanks!!!!!!
  12. The Quiet Zone rules required the removal of the two median cut-throughs that were located on both the northbound and southbound sides of Heights near Center Street. i understand the business owners of the small strip center were not happy and felt it would decrease business. So since they are now re-building the recently demolished median (what a waste of money) will the Quiet Zone still be in effect?
  13. Finally got around to making it the Big Mamou and VERY impressed. My friend had many questions about the wine, Brenda (Chef/Owner) came to the table with tastings and discussed the wine selections. We talked about the menu and dinner specials. My friend got the delicious short ribs (which is not very cajun) and they were EXCELLENT and i got Shrimp Creole which was PERFECT. Found out they also serve breakfast on Saturday and Sunday which sounds marvelous. Give is a try!
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