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    I have always loved gothic architecture. I collect gargoyles - over 70 last count. I also collect David Winter Cottages, fountain and other pens, and shot glasses. Like reading suspense/horror, true crime, vampires.

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  1. I just looked at all the photos of the Drummond Street house at the HAR link.. What an Awesome house !.. Looked at google map satellite image and noticed the big power lines behind the lot.. Some people don't like that but it doesn't seem to have affected the price of the home... I Loved the TIKI Bar in the Warm Springs home ! Thank you so much for posting these homes including the HAR links !
  2. I was wondering if seeing economic misimprovement on a property description might mean it had been a meth lab, especially after finding this definition....(Other results have given the same definition)... Ok....I can't paste a link here evidently,and it is too long to type out.. Google "Misimprovement" - - ill use or employment, Use for a bad purpose. I remember 3003 So. Braeswood Blvd. 77025 - from my childhood and have periodically been looking at it via google satellite and street view. I have observed some things that were odd at one time. At some point the kitchen end of the house w
  3. The original construction began in 1962.... Materials were brought from Europe to construct it. It was quite the conversation piece in the 60's and 70's before people started tearing down other homes and building McMansions.. I got curious about how the street view looked on google satellite. I started searching for more info... and found this link below among the results. It has 28 photos....ALL the interior photos indicate the interior has been gutted.... Doors and windows don't appear to be moved, and the same for fireplaces and staircases. But WHY would so much be redone inside when thi
  4. I don't know if it's the same block or not but in the 50's and 60's there was a family owned Italian restaurant on Westheimer on the south side not too far inside the 610 loop. It was called Del Monico's and the family's last name was Navarro....Excellent food...Family recipe Italian salad dressing and the Garlic Bread had chunks of garlic on it. Those are the 2 things I remember. I was in grade school in the 60's. One time when we went, the owner told us they were closing involuntarily because they had been leasing the building all that time and when it was time to renew, the landlord sa
  5. Glad to know the garage is going to get some renovation ! DeBakey High School...interesting ! Lots more about the Medical Center here, including about the new high school. (I can't post a link) Go to Swamplot.com and search: "Still getting rid of the Shamrock Debakey High School for Health Professions Will Move to slice of former Shamrock Hotel site"
  6. Thanks for that link to CS Roads ! I remember when University Drive (going east) was, after the Hilton, a 2 lane road that ended at Hwy.6. It was pasture after Hwy. 6....
  7. Greetings !. I'm usually just lurking around and leaving the odd reply but I was looking at google satellite's image of where the Shamrock was and when I went down to the street view I spotted this right across Pressler from the Texas A&M Institute of Biosciences & Technology bldg. Please do go check 2151 W. Holcombe at google satellite (or wherever) and tell me if that's a leftover from the Shamrock days.... FYI: I looked all around it, at street level, and there are marble tiles along the bottom of the exterior walls near the sidewalk !.... I don't know whether to be fascinate
  8. I would like to make a small clarification re: the original owners of the Goff - Durst house on Tynewood. Robert and Dan Durst were the sons of Gordon and Lucille Durst. Gordon and Lucille Durst were the original owners. They were good friends with my parents and we visited them in that house several times. I was between 5 and 10 yrs. old. I thought it was the most Awesome thing I'd ever seen ! It is possible that for some reason Gordon and Lucille put that house in Robert's name from the beginning (if Gordon and Lucille's names aren't on any records as owners), but I think that would have b
  9. Well, I didn't mean to be gone this long and had a HELL of a time getting that email that they send so you can reset your password. Took SIX tries over 45 minutes to finally get the email. So I click the link to login with the new temporary password, which I TRIPLE checked. It Will. Not. Work. "Username or password incorrect" No, they were Not. I finally used FB to get in here and mention this. If I can get logged in here without using facebook, I'll be amazed. I'm not giving up,
  10. I remember Kitirik.....there was a story going round many years ago about these 2 little kids on the show. Don't know if it's true or not but it's funny. They were waiting in line to say Hi to Kitirik and the first boy was uncontrollably giggling. She asked him "What's so funny ?" "Leroy Farted." Everyone starts cracking up and they break for a commercial. They come back and everyone is composed. You can see that the giggler is gone and the little boy who was behind him is now up. Kitirik asked him "What's your name ?" With a big grin he answered "Leroy". Everybody lost it. Maybe that happened
  11. Had to mention my favorite medical blooper here. (from a calendar) **************************************************************************** During a routine pelvic exam I let out an unexpected scream. The Dr. said "I'm sorry...Did I hurt you ?" I said "No !...There's a man out there washing the window ! " ***************************************************************************
  12. I remember going to the Rodeo there with my parents. Before the Astrodome, we went to the rodeo in the Sam Houston Colosseum. Many years later, I was at the Astrodome with my husband for a tractor pull or something and another event that night was this guy from Canada who was going to drop into a big sort of tub of water while he himself was inside a smaller barrel....(late 1980's maybe ?) You remember that circular thing that could drop down from the center of the Astrodome ceiling ? They said that the day before, they dropped his barrel (without him in it) 4 times but it didn't land in the w
  13. I could be completely wrong here but early on (around 1970), didn't the MCM just abruptly end at the first theater that was there ? Seemed like forever before they added on......and have kept adding on.
  14. WestGrayGuy - Sorry to ask about something sad, but did you mean the story of a woman who thought it was safe to go down to the floor her car was on, but the floor was flooded ? God, that was horrible....and I thought that happened at a garage in the Medical Center....didn't know it was Bank of America....maybe this is a different story. The sad, haunting photos of the flooding in buildings just stayed with me.
  15. I love the Bank of America building ! When I'm watching tv and a skyline in a program/movie is supposed to be Houston's....it is the one building I look for first. My dad's office was in the Neils Esperson Building. There's a building with an interesting history and Esperson's wife had her own building as well. When I was little we went to my dad's office to watch the livestock show and rodeo parade go by right under the window. I can't remember what floor he was on....4th or 5th maybe. Fastest elevators I've ever been on (with people who had a membership) were the ones in the Exxon building
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