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  1. Bellaire opened their new Police Station. While it looks better than before, Bellaire really missed an opportunity to create a unified and cohesive look to their city center. The station looks nothing nor references anything from the newish Fire Station across the street. The Fire Station at least references the community center/gym pool. The new city Hall although matching the police station, makes no reference to the newly built Condit Elementary right across the street! Just a terrible mishmash of styles and design. No master planning at all. They really missed a great chance to give Bellaire some character.
  2. Phase 2 looks like its going. They already demo'd and cleared the structure that used to house Auntie Pasto's.
  3. But the residents on that side of the new building also is getting what they deserve?
  4. Self driving cars will help traffic because they won't be a-hole drivers cutting in line or running red lights or cutting people off or swerving 3 lanes to make an exit or turning left from the right lane or blocking an intersection. All these things add up to make traffic terrible in Houston. I blame the unlicensed drivers from third world countries and then the licensed drivers following suit. I for one can't wait for self driving cars to get these terrible drivers from driving!
  5. That's going to be a beautiful shopping mall when its done.
  6. It has hit critical mass. What Chinatown needs is a signature piece of architecture. Like a public square or statue or something. In fact, Houston in general is lacking of strong public works of art or signature buildings to make it easy recognizable.
  7. I hope not. I like Chinatown as it is and hope it continues to grow. We need "districts" so that Houston gets some character at least. Once we start spreading out it just becomes any town USA. Our Chinatown is really getting pretty nice, much better than it was when it was downtown.
  8. Drove by and it looks like they are making slow but steady progress on the streets. Maybe the wet winter we had slowed them down. Anyway I hope it pushes through as it looks like a neat project.
  9. Bravo! At least its not a cookie cutter ugly strip shopping center!
  10. I really hate it when they publish maps/site drawing with north not pointing up.
  11. Probably it'll be in the phase 1 area, in the corner of 59 and Airport. Its the most visible corner and almost ready to open.
  12. Drove by The Grid and it looks like the first restaurant that is about to open is Chipotle! Waiting for that In n Out!
  13. Plus there are already a lot of support services in the med center, that UH would have to duplicate in a stand alone facility. I know its noble to have it in the third ward, but we need this to be successful. UT, ATM, TWC, PVA&M, are already at the med center. UH should rightly be there as well.
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