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  1. Well they did redo the retail just down the street. So who knows.
  2. Wow! Bellaire is underserved for retail. Hopefully this will give options for one of Houston's richest zip codes.
  3. Too bad they didn't put parking in the rear.
  4. I drive by this place every day and the new signage is hard to read, white lettering that's offset behind a grey background. This is during the day, at night it reads fine.
  5. Are you serious? lol, if you read the whole thread, its got lots of topics. And the UT school/funding is part of the project. Now, who's on topic? Plus have you ever wondered why UH isn't part of TMC3?
  6. I'm going to try it out when they open.
  7. Let's get this party started already! Too bad UH blocked UT from opening a campus in Houston, it would have been a nice compliment to TMC3.
  8. $16 million from an alumni of the Law School. Just like I said, they should be the easiest college to fundraise. That new rendering is at least more interesting than the first one. Still not that great, but better. Bravo UH Law!
  9. This forum topic sure killed any traffic we had compared to when it was called the West Loop. Is this too general a topic? Or is this the inner loop bias that posters are referencing?
  10. If you think that's a compliment to David Weekly, you're on the wrong forum.
  11. The Rice concert hall looks like David Weekly designed and built it. Rice has plenty of architecture that respected its past yet still managed to embrace the current/modern/contemporary design language.
  12. Redoing the parking is nice and all but the striping is super narrow in that shopping center! I hesitate to go there lest my car get a door ding.
  13. Is this why Houston can't hang on to its districts? I've been in Houston long enough that whenever a popular area gets mature, it loses its popularity? Richmond strip, lower Montrose, Westhiemer, Washington corridor. Does the city turn its head away instead of nurturing? Or is it that there's always a new area to develop since Houston is so large?
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