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  1. Going by his name, he probably grew up writing in arabic. Which is just one step away from calligraphy. No wonder he's got beautiful handwriting.
  2. Looks like Houston's first Costco Business is about to open at the Grid!
  3. My parents bought an Oldsmobile from that dealership, but by then, it was Mossy Oldsmobile. Late 70's.
  4. The architects should have paid homage to those buildings somewhere on the project.
  5. The new law center is, moo. Had so much potential. It the face of campus looking from i45.
  6. This is what it looks like from street level. lol.
  7. Same as this monstrosity in Sugar Land. I doubt it even looked good in plan! And while we're at it, look at this cap. We really need to teach humanities in architecture school. This dome is too perfect but I guess it looked good in elevation drawings!
  8. Absolutely, unlike this other "statement" piece that HBU built. Did the architects even build a model, the topper is way too small for the base. Probably looked good in plan!
  9. That's a weird place for family housing. Basically surrounded by giant parking lots and garages?
  10. The only reason for traffic in that area are line cutters.
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