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  1. This forum topic sure killed any traffic we had compared to when it was called the West Loop. Is this too general a topic? Or is this the inner loop bias that posters are referencing?
  2. If you think that's a compliment to David Weekly, you're on the wrong forum.
  3. The Rice concert hall looks like David Weekly designed and built it. Rice has plenty of architecture that respected its past yet still managed to embrace the current/modern/contemporary design language.
  4. Redoing the parking is nice and all but the striping is super narrow in that shopping center! I hesitate to go there lest my car get a door ding.
  5. Is this why Houston can't hang on to its districts? I've been in Houston long enough that whenever a popular area gets mature, it loses its popularity? Richmond strip, lower Montrose, Westhiemer, Washington corridor. Does the city turn its head away instead of nurturing? Or is it that there's always a new area to develop since Houston is so large?
  6. I used to live in one of those apartments, but the one that was off of Montrose. They demolished for the high rise that's there now. Such a nice old school place! Oh and it was definitely haunted.
  7. Why would you arbitrarily set the boundary between 610 and the beltway? That's selective. 610 is still the city of Houston and a huge area!
  8. I know you're half joking but the playing field at the football stadium is named after a UH Law graduate. He passed away or he'd probably be giving a lead gift for the new Law Building.
  9. Yea because they can fund raise better than any other college at UH! You realize that's how it works right? What's the most expensive buildings on campus? The stadium? How do you think they paid for it?
  10. If ever a new building at UH needed a starchitect, the new law building was it. Those alums must be the best earners from the whole school! That new building looks boring and cheap.
  11. Yea, what's he talking about? Houston is full of repurposed projects all around the city.
  12. You guys are unbelievable. One, I'm not against UH getting a medical school, I'm a proud alum, so let's get that out of the way. But I'll clue you in on why the Texas Medical Center became the juggernaut that its become. Its because its land locked. All the member institutions had no choice but to build next to each other and that critical mass of sharing, exchanging, pooling of employees, physicians, scientists is why the TMC is so great. Really, others have tried to replicate it but without success. Do you think the Debakey/Cooley rivalry could have occurred if they were opposite sides of town, for example? Maybe, but it sure didn't hurt them being right next to each other. It would have been much better to have the medical school participate in this. That's all I'm saying. But there was a lot of back room politics to get the state to approve the school, so who knows, maybe locating it in an "underserved" area that several posters point out is just minutes form the TMC (where you can get as much underserved patients as you want, I'm looking at you Ben Taub), was the only way for UT the state allow it.
  13. I moved offices close by this project and they are making fast progress since the winter/spring delays. Four restaurants are in various phases of construction with In'n'Out closest to being completed. They've also graded the grounds for what looks to be parking lots for the rest of the structures. I don't see any progress on the actual original TI building from the outside but they could be doing interior work (like asbestos abatement). Overall looking good for Stafford!
  14. Thanks for the insight, especially for those posters that thought my post had no credibility in regards to having the med school located in the World Renowned Texas Medical Center. Seems the powers that be also thought that it was a good idea.
  15. Its just that there's a world class medical center in our backyard but instead of participating in it we choose to go at it alone? Heck, Rice doesn't have a Med school but they have a building in the med center, as do a number of schools.
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