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  1. This is what it looks like from street level. lol.
  2. Same as this monstrosity in Sugar Land. I doubt it even looked good in plan! And while we're at it, look at this cap. We really need to teach humanities in architecture school. This dome is too perfect but I guess it looked good in elevation drawings!
  3. Absolutely, unlike this other "statement" piece that HBU built. Did the architects even build a model, the topper is way too small for the base. Probably looked good in plan!
  4. That's a weird place for family housing. Basically surrounded by giant parking lots and garages?
  5. The only reason for traffic in that area are line cutters.
  6. Did my kid's nickname for the house become famous? lol.
  7. The old bowling alley was a kids birthday party staple in Bellaire/West U. It makes sense to keep it. I just wished that they moved the parking to the back and put the building in front.
  8. Does anyone remember the Porsche dealer on Bellaire Blvd by Stella Link? Where Union Kitchen was?
  9. Strake Jesuit's campus is getting bigger and more dense with a new large addition to the campus. They really like to adhere to their core architectural theme, and I guess it makes for a cohesive looking campus. Loyola Hall will be their biggest academic building. Its going to be where the soccer field is between building 8 and 20. Little known fact, originally the entrance is where Fiesta is now, but financial troubles forced Strake Jesuit to sell that land, as well as the land behind where apartment buildings are now. They recently reacquired the lot, number 21, which were also apartments. If
  10. They are close to finishing a Torchy's Tacos on the property, in what is so far the nicest looking bit of architecture they've built. I'll try to get a picture.
  11. That machine is what they use to lay fiber optics. Internet is almost as important as other utilities!
  12. lol, I guess you're right, even the rent is greedy. $11k/month, is lining someone's pocket.
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