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  1. That's true, its kinda out of the way. I will say those busses that use it are nice.
  2. That Randall's is on super prime real estate. If someone could develop something attractive there, it would do very well. Also they need to get rid of the transit center next to it. Which I thought I read that they were once the new one opened by 59 and South Rice.
  3. Another cheaply constructed stick building. This is student housing, it should be built like a prison!
  4. Loved Bernies. But will admit that we didn't go as often during the quarantine. Hope they come back in some form.
  5. I don't think the Rice Village area is that down market from River Oaks. I mean its sandwiched between Southampton and West U. That's some of the richest areas in all of Texas. Its probably more design choices. The interiors look super builder to me. I would convert 2 units and make them into one and gut the living floor to be wide open. And fix the parking.
  6. Looks like the market has spoken. None of the units have sold. The units are a bit small and the lower units don’t have great views. And most of the windows are open to the Hanover side, not giving much privacy. Another mistake is that the parking is open, people that can afford million dollar homes drive nice cars that probably want it protected from the elements. Shame, it’s actually built well.
  7. $934K for signs? There's gotta be something going on there.
  8. Well they did redo the retail just down the street. So who knows.
  9. Wow! Bellaire is underserved for retail. Hopefully this will give options for one of Houston's richest zip codes.
  10. Too bad they didn't put parking in the rear.
  11. I drive by this place every day and the new signage is hard to read, white lettering that's offset behind a grey background. This is during the day, at night it reads fine.
  12. Are you serious? lol, if you read the whole thread, its got lots of topics. And the UT school/funding is part of the project. Now, who's on topic? Plus have you ever wondered why UH isn't part of TMC3?
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