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  1. if this is a new home or reroof?, i'd say all three are great options, but the price is a different story. The radiant barrier decking installed on new homes or reroofs works very well. I'd recommend at the very least ridge vents, and solar fans work well and tie in the whole "attic ventilation system" But for it to truly work you should also have perforrated soffits or vents. if this is an existing home and the roof will stay intact, i'd say no to the spray on radiant barrier. not a fan of it at all. but yes to rv's and sf's but to be green there are many things that factor in. the attic ventilation is just a start.
  2. heard rumors of berry center, cant confirm
  3. i got the axe last year and started my own business. blessing in disguise
  4. we do that kind of work, but i am not sure if we can post our info here. what size?
  5. plush pad. i used to wait on a bunch of the Volunteers when i worked at Outback at champions, 6+ years ago
  6. i repared more KB homes than any other after Hurricane IKE, pulte was a distant second
  7. i use several dealers, but i am not sure if I can post them on here or not.
  8. we just installed one for a client converting his garage into a recording studio for 1200
  9. we've done some for less, and some for more depending exterior materials and interior finish
  10. sarpino's on beltway 8 and fallbrook is pretty darn good. also hawaiian brothers on 8/west
  11. i will tell you what i tell my clients with garage slab issues. tear it down and start new. that way you will have a NEW foundation and garage, with your specs and needs in mind. what size is your current garage and how big would you want your new one?
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