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  1. I am certain that is the "spirit" (aka "theory") of the program, but we all know there is a difference between theory and reality, between best hopes and actual results. I think it revealing that the developers behind this project have never proposed that an affordable-housing for teachers, fire-fighters and police officers apartment complex be built with tax credits near their own homes.
  2. We appreciate all the suggestions and feedback... even the attempted liberal guilt-trip about "NIMBY" BTW, reporters from ABC 13 and FOX 26 have already been out today to interview residents, and may be present to cover our initial community meeting at 8 pm at the Windrose meeting house tonight. Stay tuned.
  3. Hello all; I've been aware of HAIF for years, but only occasionally dropped by... now, of course, that neglect of this vital forum has come back to bite me, as my neighbors and I have been caught off guard by a proposed TDHCA tax-subsidized low-income apartment complex set for possible approval, to be constructed directly across from my subdivision, Windrose, in NW Harris county, off FM 2920/Gosling & Kuykendahl/Pinelakes Blvd. For more information, please check out www.stopgoslingoaks.blogspot.com We created a GoogleMap here. Word is rapidly spreading across Windrose and surrounding subdivisions... but we are definitely behind the eight-ball on this one, and need to respond quickly and effectively to kill this project. We are therefore throwing ourselves on the mercy of fellow HAIF participants... we know these types of projects have been studied, discussed, and opposed for years now, and we know that many of you have experience and contacts on how best to fight. Please, please share your knowledge. We are, among anything else you consider valuable, looking for: Strategies; what you know doesn't work and we shouldn't bother with; what might work and we should devote some effort to; what would be certain to work and we absolutely must do. Tips: Links to resources, webpages, research practices to help us gather the types of information we need quickly. Attorneys/advisers: Ideally pro-bono, but also possibly not; we are serious about killing this project, and if you are (or know) an expert who can take the fight to TDHCA and beat this developer on the bureaucracy's own terms, we're open to passing the plate and seeing if we can afford you. Remember that desperate, panicked feeling you felt when you first learned a tax-subsidized low-income apartment complex was scheduled for YOUR neighborhood? That's the suffering we are mired in right now. Have mercy. Help if you can. Thanks.
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