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  1. Today I noticed the parking lot at Franklin and Rusk (adjacent to Le Meridien) was fenced off and the ground was being torn up. Any idea what they're doing there?
  2. I really enjoy these buildings. They're different, and no, that's not a bad thing.
  3. I believe they've temporarily relocated to the area next to the ervan chew dog park
  4. The use of epsilon and the teist on the W logo makes this look like an architecture student's project. Possibly a rendering of a "nice to have", but unlikely to be built project.
  5. I'm with HOUSTONIAN, when I lived in the other building at the Post I rarely parked in the garage. I lived on the top floor of the other building and found it easier to park on the street than to park in the grange.
  6. Last I had heard, Alamo had decided to set up shop in regent square
  7. I have no info either way, but my guess would be they are waiting for leases to expire?
  8. It's gotten to a point where that place should be a historic landmark. If Houston were ever on TV it'd be right up there with Randy's Donuts in LA.
  9. Again, for what it's worth, the application on the property listed the applicant at Leaven and Earth. The only Leaven and Earth I could find was a sandwich shop in Sacramento. Doubt the two are connected.
  10. I wouldn't get too ahead of yourself. The web site also lists plans for 2101 Milam. I've seen the same concept drawing posted outside that building for about 5 years now.
  11. Big signs out front for a pizza place called Piola. Looks like they are global: http://www.piola.it/mondo3.php?menu_number=3〈=en&countries_id=5
  12. I went about a month ago. The food is decent. But it didn't strike me as anything better than what you'd find in a suburban Chinese restaurant.
  13. no big deal. If you want to be in media, go to LA. If you want to be in publishing, go to NYC.
  14. Drove by last night. There's a city issued work permit on the door, but it doesn't look like anything has been done to the exterior or the balcony. Not sure if progress has been made on the interior.
  15. According to the tribune: I wonder what they think "major operational base" would mean.
  16. just saw several workers at a side entrance on the ground level. And by workers I means couple of dudes in hard hats.
  17. I really hope there was a good reason for putting on that "slip cover"
  18. according to this story, it isn't happening... http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2010/01/sheraton_lincoln_plaza_downtow_1.php
  19. Just saw a tweet...This is going to be open today for brunch.
  20. Help me out...what are you talking about?
  21. To remind us how fortunate we are that it wasn't chosen as the final design?
  22. The City of Houston left a backhoe in my backyard for several days - no notice. I would have loved a check.
  23. lucky for you African Americans are not the majority of Americans. And the difference between you use of the word thug and "their" use is that you use it in a negative way. Do a simple google search of the n-word and see what comes up, if that's your standard for acceptability.
  24. You do realize that the "thug" and "ghetto" people you are referring to are typically just middle to upper middle class African Americans, quite a few of who have ordinary jobs and families? They just happen to have a different style of dress and taste in music. You know, the reason many in the black community are put off by the thug or ghetto label is that all to often it is used to describe things that are merely, well, black. There's nothing wrong with not wanting to go to those places. Hell, I wouldn't, but that's because it ain't my scene - no different than why I don't go to Wild West. My advice would be don't demean a culture because you don't understand it.
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