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  1. Not trying to start an internet fight (but don't test me 😀), but...I always knew these "Museum District" and "Museum Park" areas as Third Ward when I was at UH back in the 90s. You're right that "technically" the HEB site was never Third Ward because it wasn't in the city back when the ward system ended. But whether it was technically in the boundaries or not, it's always been considered Third Ward. Here's a blunt way of putting it. The Third Ward was where Black people lived. Once White people moved in, it became Museum Park or whatever. Just like 2nd Ward became... Well, I don't even like to type the words but it's short for East Downtown. And like how Freedmen's Town no longer exists, as an actual community or even a name anymore.
  2. Relatively easy to prevent water from getting in, by raising the driveways/penetrations into the garage. Imagine an elevated levee around the perimeter of the garage, and a driveway going over the levee. As long as the top of the "levee"/driveway is high enough, no concern for surface water pouring into the garage. Of course, like any levee, it can be overtopped at a certain point.
  3. OK, saw some info through Harris County Housing Authority that indicates that this complex would be built partially on undeveloped portions of the Southeast Transit Center. My best guess is that they're using the undeveloped east half of Southeast Transit Center, plus the commercial strips & movie theater fronting OST. All of that adds up to 6 acres. Of course I've been wrong before....
  4. Yes, but as a frequent customer of the Walgreens pharmacy, sounds like my wait time will increase. Just kidding of course...as I get older these jokes about old folks just aren't as funny as they used to be. Hits too close to home. Looks like a nice development. I also don't see an available 6-acre parcel for this development, but whichever corner it goes on, it will be an improvement. Wouldn't mind it replacing the run down strip center south of OST next to the transit center. Wouldn't mind it replacing the warehouses and apartments north of OST.
  5. If you're in City of Houston you can check their GIMS map to see if it's water, sanitary or storm. http://www.gims.houstontx.gov/ If you're in a Municipal Utility District, ask the Operator (usually the same person you pay your water bill to). They would know. Either way, if it's a sanitary sewer in an easement, that's an indication it's a public line, not just the service line to your house. You don't need an easement on your own property for your own sewer service, which is why I suspect it's serving someone (or many someones) outside of your lot. Getting a public line relocated could be a big problem... I'd start with the COH GIMS site, or contact the MUD Operator ASAP.
  6. You forgot the air-quotes for "MVP" David Robinson.
  7. Interesting...for at least the fifth year in a row, no increases on our block (land or improvements). Our land price is holding steady at $3/sf. Earlier in the 2000's we were capped at the 10% increase for several years in a row (3 or 4?) Strange that development keeps moving closer and closer, but appraisals not reflecting it. I'm not complaining, mind you. But it does seem curious. I think right around the time our land gets to $50/sf from its current $3/sf will be time for me to cash out and retire.
  8. My roots in the area don't go nearly as deep as many long term residents in the area, but I have frequented the area for 25 years (since my days as a student at UH), and I've been a resident of the area for 12 years. This intersection is I'm the Almeda OST TIRZ, and there have been definite improvements with landscaping and aesthetics over the last few years. The stretch of OST is seeing development now. It may be fast food and nail salons (as is most strip center development in Houston) but it's an improvement over used tire shops and abandoned buildings. Your comments about the nail salons and beauty shops are just ignorant. There are also nail salons and beauty shops in River Oaks, Galleria, and Memorial. It doesn't degrade those neighborhoods any more than it does my neighborhood. Only difference is the demographics. Your comment about safety is just wrong. What evidence do you have to say HEB, CVS and Walgreens aren't safe? I've not heard of any problems there.
  9. The underlying criteria for anything built in the floodplain would be that it cause no adverse impacts to existing flood conditions. The City is not exempted from these requirements. A no adverse impact certification is typically accomplished by ensuring that the project doesn't reduce floodplain storage, doesn't reduce the ability of the waterway to convey flows, and doesn't increase water surface elevations upstream. There are also requirements to mitigate the impact of increased runoff due to increased impervious cover. Depending on the location in the floodplain the requirements vary. Developments on the floodplain fringe, where depth and conveyance are minimal, generally only require an analysis of floodplain storage (no net fill in floodplain). Areas closer to the center of the channel that have greater inundation depth and conveyance require more detailed modeling and analysis. The area designated as a floodway is typically a "no-go" zone. No fill our development allowed there, at least not without a great deal of analysis, channel improvements, and floodplain map revisions. Also vastly different requirements for an insurable structure (house or office) than a road our trail.
  10. KG Food Center on Tierwester at Mount Pleasant, owned by the same Korean family since the 1960's. The mother has been up front at the cash register for the last 50+ years, with one son alongside her, and another son who runs the meat counter. Unfortunately I think it'll likely be killed off by the new Pyburns coming on Scott Street.
  11. Funny, I saw the same train the same afternoon. Were you also bypassing whatever it was that had the South Loop shut down? Anyhow, it's the first train I've seen them testing on the SE line, and I drive along the line somewhat regularly (at least once a week). I don't know if they've been testing the line before that day, but I certainly haven't seen it. Interesting coincidence that we both saw it. I didn't have my son with me but I know he'll flip his lid when he finally sees a train on those tracks. He's been watching them build the lines for the last few years. I was hoping we'd be able to take the train to a UH game this season, but that's not to be.
  12. To reduce number of cars crossing the UPRR lines at grade. It reduces the risk of accidents between cars and trains at that crossing. I thought at one time they were going to completely eliminate the at-grade crossing there by forcing all cars to go on the bridge, with u-turn lanes on both sides of the UPRR tracks allowing access to properties on both sides of the bridge embankment. Doesn't look that way from the images...looks like the at-grade crossing remains.
  13. I was also going to say that there's no use in trying to come up with fantastic plans for rail down the 288 median...that space is already spoken for with toll lanes. I know that the construction plans are nearing completion for the Brazoria County portion of the toll lanes. Construction could begin next year, I believe? I do love the landscaping in the median of 288 north of Binz, but know that's it's days are numbered. I only hope that TxDOT will use that area as a "nursery" and transplant some of those trees rather than simply clear cutting them. There are great number of mature trees in that median now. Those trees are nearly 10 years old. I don't know for a fact, but I assume it's not cheap to buy 10-year old trees.
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