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  1. Howdy, I was wondering if anybody had recommendations on a backyard storage shed? I have an 8x8 right now, but it is rather old, with rusted out walls and a rotted wood floor. I am looking to replace it with a slightly larger one (8x12). I of course don't want to spend any more than I have to, but I don't want to have to buy a new shed every few years. I will pay more now if it means a better quality shed. My folks have a Morgan building (wood frame and floor with steel siding and roof) and are happy with it, but they are a little pricey. I have heard Mueller makes good stuff and they have an all steel DIY kit for what seems like a reasonable price ($995). Tuff shed is getting up there in price with the Morgan buildings. Do yall know of any others that might be worth looking into or any other recommendations? Thanks!
  2. I guess everyone has a different definition of "ugly." To me, The Ol Days Inn is ugly (graffiti covered, dirty, commie block style building) whereas many of the buildings on this list are just pushing the envelope a bit on architectural design. How can you call the basket building ugly? its the headquarters of a basket company! How cool is that?
  3. I am surprised they never put the parking garage into service(after the hotel closed), even when the Maharishis owned it. Parking space seems to be a fairly easy money maker downtown. If anything it might have been enough to cover the taxes on it.
  4. Came across this concerning its development: http://thecastledev.com/castle/newera.php Either work has stalled or they haven't updated their progress since June 08
  5. I have been to that Randall's on 34th and its actually pretty nice, not as convenient as the Krogers, but still pretty decent. A central market or whole foods would be great though. I usually go to the Krogers for about 95% of my grocery shopping but sometimes their beer/wine/cheese/produce selection is a little lacking. Ooohhhh....a Spec's with a deli would hit the spot!
  6. I am a big fan of Oak Forest (I live there of course!) Depending on what kind of house you need, there are plenty of decent houses in your price range. One thing I have found is that the homes that are priced right and in good shape, with a good location, do not last long. Even in today's market, they will often have an option on them within a week. You can find them but you need to know what you want, have a quick agent or check HAR frequently and have all your ducks in a row. I bought my house last year (a 3/2 that just needed some fresh paint) for under 190k, a coworker just bought a 3/1/2 in great shape for around under 200k. I know these are just outside of your budget, but not that far out and I have seen plenty of home listed in the 170k-180k range that were in good shape and went quick. As far as the powerlines go, I haven't seen a single house in the area that didn't have one in the backyard.
  7. +1 But he never puts them where I tell him to, must be a language barrier. I have drainage issues as well in my back yard and have been looking into french drains. The previous owner installed a half French drain, Romanian drain? They basically dug a trench, lined it with landscape cloth, and filled it with rocks. Needless to say, it doesn't exactly drain. From observing, it looks like a lot of my water is pooling near the downspout and runs into my yard form the neighbor's yard from underneath the fence. I am planning on trying the KISS approach before trying to put in a french drain. I am thinking it won't be too difficult to block off the flow from the neighbors yard and to divert the flow from the downspout further away from the low spots.
  8. I think it depends on the color/style of granite. I used to live in a place that had black/almost black granite countertops and there was nothing I could do to keep it from looking hazy, I also had a friend with black granite with the same issue. I have since purchased a house that has brown granite countertops and they are a breeze to keep clean, I just wipe them down every once in a while or as needed and they never look hazy/dull/dirty.
  9. Thats it! I couldn't remember the name for the life of me, just that it was something kinda funky. It's behind the Wachovia, which was (until I checked today) for sale. The Starbucks is still listed as for sale though.
  10. Currently, my water heater is in a utility room in the center of the house, but part of the re-plumbing will be to replace it with a tankless water heater that will be mounted in the attic, but still above the utility room. Once the water heater is out of the utility room, I will put shelves/cabinets in its place to give more storage. Basically, my only "open" wall is shared with a bathroom that has its plumbing running through the same wall. But I guess that might not be too bad, as it would mean I would just need to run a couple of feet of tubing for those fixtures. If the manifold were to be in the utility room, it would need to be mounted inside the wall cavity with a cover over it because you have to walk through the utility room to access the bedroom/bathroom on that end of the house (this was all originally a 1 car attached garage) Originally, I was thinking about using the Vanguard/manabloc system, but if I use the Wirsbo/Propex system, I think I the manifold could fit between two studs. I am leaning towards the propex system because I think the connection is more reliable than some other methods and the tool is fairly reasonable.
  11. From looking at pictures of PEX manifold installations, it looks like the manifold block is mounted between two studs, and the pipes are then arced up through the adjacent openings. My house is pretty small and I don't think I can spare 4 feet of wall space for an install like that. Is it possible to mount the manifold in the attic without the risk of freeze damage (rare in these parts, but does happen). I would think the manifold, having rigid valves would be the most at risk to freezing temperatures.
  12. Mytiburger on 43rd near East TC Jester! Great hamburgers, they will make it any way you want it. It does take a good 10 minutes or so for your order to be ready, but they accept orders over the phone. Just call them, place your order, and by the time you show up, its ready to go. Double Daves on Ella was a good hang out on their $1 pints with buffet night, but they changed management a while back and I haven't been back since so it might be different.
  13. Supposedly a wine bar is going in near the Starbucks. I forgot the name of it but the owner lives in the neighborhood.
  14. I have read about the potential for bacterial growth inside of pex, but I would think corroded steel would make a pretty good home for bacteria as well.
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