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  1. I liked Sizzler. I never had a bad meal or bad service. Of course this was back in the 70's. We ate at the one in eastend where Lawndale, Griggs and Evergreen met. Later I ate at the one in Pasadena on Spencer by the parkview movie theater. Of course it wasn't like the Steak and Ale of yesteryear but it was still good.
  2. Very cool. I still have mine and still play Yars Revenge and Dig Dug.
  3. My best friend was his school teacher when he was 11 years old and living in Port Arthur. She heard the news of his death last night and was very sad. She said that though its been 22 years she remembered him because he used to talk all the time about music. He always said how much he loved to listen to his dad play the trumpet. I send out prayers to his friends and family.
  4. Oh wow! Yes, of course..Red Goose Shoes. When I was a kid I had quite a few of those eggs around the house. Thanks for the info and the pics. I even remember the red ball jets song. Red ball jets, the anything at all you could ever ever wanna do shoe. Oh yes, I am laughing out loud.
  5. I think there may have been a Poll Parrot shoe store on Harrisburg close to 67th. They sold red ball jets tennis shoes and some shoe with goose in the name where they gave you a golden egg with a prize in it if you bought the shoes.
  6. Sonnys Happy Cajun in La Porte has some authentic cajun food. Yum!
  7. I went to a club back in the mid 70's that used to be an old bank. It had a vault complete with door that housed a gameroom. It also had coins embedded in a clear floor as you first walk in. It was called The Depository. Dont know if this is what you're looking for but it did have a vault.
  8. Finally got around to watching the video this morning. I laughed so hard I still have tears. I emailed it to everyone in my office so they are assured a smile for a monday morning.
  9. Around the holidays at my house we use SlimSlo. No weight will be lost between Halloween and New years day.
  10. I used to ALWAYS get my turkey from the Dinner Bell cafeteria in the eastend at the corner of Lawndale and Wayside until I found out how easy it was to bake it myself. Now I'll be up at 5 putting on the bird
  11. Speaking of milk. This morning my Cheerios grouped themselves into an image of the virgin mary. I ate them anyway.
  12. That movie was on just the other day. I had to watch it again for the umpteenth time. Its funny how it scares us so much without a bit of blood, guts or gore. Its one my fav movies of all time including Burn Witch Burn, Todd Brownings Freaks, Tormented and Black Sunday..the one with Barbara Steel from 1960.
  13. The scene from Manhunter, aka Red Dragon where the killer sets the reporter on fire and rolls him down the ramp of a poorly lit parking garage. That poor parking garage attendant. Also the scene from Marathon Man where Laurence Olivier is drilling on Dustin Hoffmans undeadened teeth and asking "Is it safe?" And finally, everything from Hostel scared the candy corn out of me. .
  14. Speaking of dry cleaners. I was floored when I drove down 67th and saw that Acme cleaners was still there. Its close to Canal right by Seller Bros. My mom and grandmother had their dry cleaning done there in the early 60's. The sign is still the same.
  15. Wow. I bet your grandma had some wonderful stories. I look at some of the buildings on Harrisburg, Canal, Navagation and Lockwood and wish they could speak. The stories they could tell.
  16. Very true Vert but the neighborhood in a whole could use a big dose of refurbish. Many people I know won't even drive through the East End because its not well kept and they think because of the way it looks that scary bad people live there. They have no idea how many wonderful people call the eastend home. If it looked better and the streets were better lit more professionals might see what potential that area has. I want nothing but the best for my old neighborhood. Just my opinion of course.
  17. I wish they would refurbish the old houses and buildings that are already there. I wish the East End looked like it did in the 50's with clean streets, no potholes, well kept homes and nice yards. I couldn't have asked for a better neighborhood to grow up in.
  18. Born and raised in the East End I had a utility pole in my front yard. The worst thing about it was they had to cut the middle out of our beautiful trees so they wouldn't interfere with the lines. We all understood why this was a must but the trees looked awful after their yearly bikini cut.
  19. I have an aquaintance whos backyard faces the back of Bennos in Galveston on the seawall. He has problems every year when the spring break party comes to town. He looks outside and there are people crapping and peeing in his backyard. He has one on those little red laser beams and he shines it on them at night and it scares the "crap" out of them because they think they are about to be shot. While I type, he is putting up a six foot fence around his yard. He should'nt have to do this and ruin his view of the water. Its sad people have no respect for others property.
  20. Love the photo of the guys on the scaffold with the leg hanging down. I had to do a double take.
  21. Thanks. Its good to be right every now and then.
  22. Wracking my brain but can't remember where Eastwood Baptist Church was. Was it on Dumble between Telephone and Polk? Help! I can't remember. Thanks in advance.
  23. Dad took me there every year for my birthday. We went there right after we ate at Gaidos. I have no pics but here are the salt and pepper shakers I bought on one of the trips. Its a little dark, sorry about the quality.
  24. Danax posted an article on Oct 6th 2006 under Houston neighborhoods-Texas medical center. The link in his post has a pic of the club.
  25. Yesterday, a friend of mine was talking to his good friend Vinny that owns Neptune Subs on 146. Vinny told him that the expansion project was put on hold until 2015 for financial reasons. And yes, when it does take place they will buy out Neptune Subs. Vinny said that its so far in the future that hes not making any plans to relocate as of yet.
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