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  1. Thanks Gnu. I have to go downtown today and will check for the old sage.
  2. The 1958 Christmas pics are great. Thank you so much. I was 21 months old when these were taken and mom had probably taken me to that very same Battelsteins that very same years. Thanks again.
  3. Does anyone remember a store called Sage? It was on the east side of the gulf freeway somewhere between edgebrook and shaver. It sat at a funny angle to the street and had a huge parking lot. I never went to that store and have no idea what they sold but I remember it being very big and always packed with cars.
  4. I used to skate a small skating rink in the eastend on Capitol. Can't remember the name though.
  5. And of course theres the Esperson Building in the background. Its hard to find a pic of old Downtown without the Esperson somewhere in there.
  6. Yes, its called Johns now. The food is just "ok" now. Back in the 60's and 70's when it was Ray Hays, it was wonderful. The burgers are NOT any way near as good as they were. They do have some homestyle lunch items that are pretty good. I wouldnt go out of my way for them though. If I were in that neck of the woods I would make a special trip to Lenox Bar b q at 5420 Harrisburg. That place is the best. My brother used to work there catering in the late 60's and early 70's. I have to remember that their bar b q sauce is NOT a beverage!
  7. Does anyone remember the Navaway Theater? It was on the corner of Navagation and 67th. I lived right around the corner from it and althought its been torn down I will never forget the red seats, sticky floor and popcorn smell . The last movie I saw there was a Rickey Nelson movie called Your Love and Kisses. Does anybody have a photo of this theater they could share?
  8. Does anyone remember the christmas tree lot on the Gulf Freeway? Its was across the freeway from Gulfgate. That is one of my most wonderful memories. Tramping throught the mud to find that perfect tree and then looking through the back windshield all the way home, 3 miles, to make sure it didnt fall out of the trunk.
  9. I remember Gulfgate when it wasnt closed in. Joskes had the best eating place in the basement called the Bamboo Room and a sweet tiny waitress named Margie. I also remember Battlestiens, Sakowitz, Playhouse toystore, Newberrys, Flagg Brothers, Russell Stover candy store and Walter Pyes. There was actually a grocery store at the mall. I believe it was a Weingartens. I also remember all the neat places in downtown Houston like Neiman Marcus. When we shopped in downtown we would always eat at James Coney Island.
  10. Anyone remember Ray Hays Broiler Burger? It was on Telephone and Dumble. Its still there but different owners and the food will never match Ray Hays. I can still taste that broiler burger with the broiled patty, chili, fresh grated cheddar and tiny diced onions. It was such a treat for mom to surprise us with a meal from there.
  11. I remember going to a Shakeys on .. I believe it was Griggs. It was close to Palm Center and next door to a Kips Big Boy. I used to play Humming Bird by Seals and Crofts on the juke box. It was a fun place.
  12. I had all my birthday parties at Peppermint Park until I was 11. I have some 8 mm film of the place which I had put on VCR format about 20 years ago. It shows the little roller coaster, The helicopter ride, the boats, the carrousel and the ticket booth. And yes, it was located at 610 and 45 before 610 was there. I guess that car dealership sits where it used to be. Right by the Carrousel Hotel.
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