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  1. 4 hours ago, mkultra25 said:

    There was an older thread here about motorcycle dealers, but I think most/all of the ones that were discussed postdated your 1960-66 timeframe:




    Stubbs opened in 1965 but didn't initially sell Harleys. According to their website, they're the oldest motorcycle dealer in Houston (I assume they mean the oldest one that's still in operation):



    My brother said there was an old Cushman Dealership to the east of downtown across the bayou. Close to where the old Peden Iron and Steel building was. I do know Sears sold Cushman scooters but only in red and white. My brother was trying to find the shop a friend got one that was blue and white. Thanks for trying. Much appreciated. 

  2. Does anyone remember any old motorcycle shops in particular shops that sold Cushman Scooters and any Harley shops around the years 1960-1966. They would be listed in the old Houston Yellowpages but alas, I can’t find any. Thanks for any help. 

  3. Back in the 70's there was a small Jewelry shop in the 700 block of Telephone Rd. It was in a small strip center with a turret looking design on one end. Many people from Austin High got their senior rings there. Back then it was painted dark brown with white trim that gave it a Swiss feel. Does anyone remember the name?

  4. I attended Jackson from 1969-72, then went on for a year to attend SFA High, finally moving on to Pasadena High, where I spent a year prior to moving on to an almost 25-year career with the U.S. Air Force. I finally retired from the AF back in 2000, opting then to relocate to Phoenix, AZ., where I remain to this day.

    When I Googled Jackson Junior High this morning I sort of stumbled across this site. My God! This is so nice! Looking at the various pics, especially the one of Susan standing in front and off to the side of the campus on the last day of school in 1972 almost brings me to tears of joy. Now I'm not a guy who's prone to a lot of sentiment, but I have to say--that REALLY tugged at the ol' heart strings.

    My name is Robert Sikes, and I played on the football team (Leopards!) for Coach Hermann all three years of my attendance. God, I feel like Al Bundy right about now--remembering all the fun times, hard times, competition, girlfriends, good guy friends, teachers, laughter and tears, the pain of trying to fit in with certain groups but frequently unable to do so...and on and on!

    A few years back I returned to Houston in order to make the arrangements necessary to bury my Mom. Despite all of the pain that was involved with making that horrible trip, I knew I had to include a trip to the old neighborhood. I was a bit shocked at just how the East End looks after so many years away, but there were a few aspects of the area around Jackson's campus that had remained intact just enough to make the ol' nostalgia juices flow like a river. I even saw an old friend who I barely recognized from back then. Sadly, he had turned into a street person, an alcoholic, and had little recognition of me.

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this post. I hope to hear at least one reply from someone who might remember me. If not, oh well...it's still great reminiscing with everyone here. Thanks again.


    Everybody will remember you, Robert. Glad you found us.

  5. The event starts at 9 a.m. and runs until... who knows. There will be muscle cars, antique cars, low riders, classic cars and who knows what else will show up. There will be live music and food. The proceeds will go to the Pearland PD for the purchase of all terraine vehicles for search efforts. Come on by and check it out. And then come inside and say hi to me at the paint counter. No.. you don't have to buy anything. When I left work this evening they were firing up the pits and icing down the drinks. See ya!

  6. Yes. That shopping center is still there- at least part of it is. It made a "U" shape, and Texas Tumbleweed was in the back corner. 2/3rds of the shopping center was torn down to make way for a new Krogers. I remember the original, existing section housed a Wiener's and Walgreen's (it's now a River Oaks Diagnostic/Imaging).

    Was this close to the bowling alley? I think it was called Fairlanes?? And was there a Mr. Gattis Pizza close? Or am I at a different corner? I do remember going to the Parkview and eating at the Sizzler next door.

  7. Well, it's certainly relevant to the 70s in Houston, which is the topic. I was only 15 at that time, but I used to ride my bike from home in the East-end along Brays Bayou to Herman Park just to hang out on the hill on week-ends. It was probably as close as Houston came (not very) to the Golden Gate Park scene in SF. I remember that people would climb to the top of the roof over the theater to smoke their joints or pipes so they woudn't get busted. It was groovy,man.

    That scene didn't last very long.

    We used to slide down Hippie Hill on blocks of ice. We would get huge ice blocks from the ice house on Harrisburg and put them in coolers and drag them to the top of the hill and away we went. This was at night of course. We were the cause of all the ruts in the hill. Sorry.

  8. Is that tall yellow oil derick still on the gulf frwy? It was on the inbound side right after Howard Johnsons and before Oshmans Warehouse very close to Wayside. I remember it from back in the sixties. I think it was advertisement for the office complex that was built there. Lots of identical little white office buildings. It had a name but I can't recall. Maybe something like Office City.

  9. Mr. Blue by The Fleetwoods. Lame. Not Mr. Blue Sky by ELO, or anything by Fleetwood Mac, or anything else tolerable. Never even heard of it.

    Seeing all these "birthday songs" that were playing during my college years makes me feel old. Come on, Pop Muzik and Eddy Grant? Reminds me of the playlist at Cooters.

    I remember Mr. Blue. The last time I heard it was on National Lampoons Vacation right before Clark wakes up and realizes he's been sleep driving. Call me Mr. Blue.

    My song is Young Love by Tab Hunter.

  10. That place has 'evil' written all over it. I don't think I'd even want to step inside. And someone earlier in this thread mentioned the existence of a strange bathroom that looked more like a locker room with toilets lined up against the wall. Well Mr. List was quite the sexual deviant, as it turns out, although he claims he never made anyone do anything they didn't want to do. One of his regular house boys was quoted as saying that he vomited after being asked and paid to watch List in action with some fresh meat he picked up in Montrose. I'm guessing it was some pretty hard-core stuff. Check it out online. :o

    Evil is right! I felt strange for days after I went there. I could'nt get the place off my mind. Climbing up on the wall and getting the pic of the staircase really gave me the heebie geebies. I was feet from where the murder took place and the atmosphere was just chilling. I felt like I was being watched the entire time. I had taken a brick from the front entrance as some sort of macabre souvenier but took it back and tossed it in the yard. No bad karma for me!

  11. I also found a League City residence, but there is no date attached to it (probably the same address found by the poster in the other forum). As of today, the home is owned by a Donna Cones.

    I have walked my dogs past that house every morning since 2001. Yikes!

  12. Just learned something a little odd. Bill List was the biological father of Ron Carlton. Ron was the brother of Debbie Thornton, one of the victims in the Karla Faye pick axe murder. Bill left when Ron was three and he was raised by his step father. The police thought Bill List might have hired someone to kill Debbie because she was to testify against him for tax evasion. Not sure if he was also Debbies father.

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  13. It was built sometime in the mid to late 70's. It looked even scarier from the street, with the huge driveway and the way it just rose up out of the ground, backing up to the bay. You can see one pretty fuzzy image of it on Historic Aerials from 1981. If you use the "compare years" feature, you can see that later a small street with homes was built on the site. Nice homes, too.


    That street on the property is part of the original driveway. The homes that now sit north of the street are on what used to be a very long reflection pond. Sure would'nt want to live there.

  14. 2ufyag2.jpg

    This is the back of the mansion that faces the bay. The front looked exactly the same as the back. There was a pool in between the front and back buildings with tons of plants and a walkway over the pool.


    This is the glass covered area in between the front and back portions of the mansion. It contained the pool.


    This is where Mr. List was shot. The partial door visible at the bottom right is the doorway to the garage. Smiley was waiting at the top of the spiral staircase with a shotgun. Mr. List was killed as he came through the garage door.

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  15. I got onto the property in the early 90's and took a couple of pictures. I'll scan and post them as soon as I find them. I used to have the original of the chronicle article. It had quite a few photos. Some color and some black and white. It showed how the kids tore the place up before killing Mr. List. I remember photos of food thrown on the walls, a knife sticking out of the wall and plants thrown into the pool. Very eerie.

  16. Yes it was, and I believe Baybrook had one, too. They were great stores for cigars back before cigars were trendy.

    I remember that place and yes it smelled great. I would go there to buy these extremely long cigarettes that came in different colors with gold filters. I was so cool.... NOT!

  17. Lynn was the one that was killed. Marion C. is still around. I found out from an old timer that Twins was on the south side of Lovett, sort of between Baja Sam's and KLOL that were on the north side.

    Marion E. Pantzer was shot and killed in "Just" Marion and Lynns on March 11, 1986. Her partner Lynn Hornaday was not hurt. The club was located at 903 Richmond. Twins was located in the 3200 blk of Stanford right behind the Chicken Coop and around the corner from Bacchus which was located on Lovett.

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