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  1. Lexan or Polygal. Polygal is probably the better bet for this type of structure. Either is WAY better than acrylic plexiglass. go to www.regal-plastics.com They are on Wirt between Katy Freeway and Longpoint.
  2. Does anyone have a source in Houston (or nearby) that stocks & sells stamped tin ceiling tiles? I need about 1K square feet worth. 16" o.c ceiling joists, so I think a 48" wide panel would work well (48" / 16" = 3 joists per panel if my math is correct). TIA
  3. You can get "Iso" board (polyisocyanurate) which is an extruded polystyrene rigid board at most every roofing distributor. It will come in varying thicknesses / R values and usually either 4' x 4' or 4' x 8' sheets. Shouldn't be too hard to find at West End Lumber, Roofing Supply Group, ABC Supply, Bradco, Gulf Eagle or Builders Prodcuts. You will need to talk to someone that knows commerical roofing. If you need the product in a form that is laminated to a plywood or OSB substrate so you can attache panels or some other mechanically attached finish, then ask about a product called Nail Bas
  4. Traditional sloped roof = shingle roof? #1 Consider adding a radiant barrier so the attic space does not get as hot as attics with no radiant barrier. 3 types: Laminated to decking, "paint" on & "rolled foil" style. #2 Proper venilation of attic space (Soffit vents / intake and ridge vents / exhaust) #3 Consider a "cool roof" composition shingle option such as Certainteed's Landmark Solaris or GAF's Cool Colors Get the local Certainteed and / or GAF representative's contact information from the web and ask them who they reccomend as a competent installer. THEY will know who the real pl
  5. It's a neat place in the middle of nowhere. About an hour and a half out of the 'Burgh. It is extraordinary that it was built when it was built way out in the sticks. The logistics of getting material and workforce must have been quite a battle. The place seemed to be aged and need of constant upkeep. Don't get me wrong, they do a good job of it considering the circumstances. The 'Burgh is a great town. Plenty to do and places to eat. Mt. Lebanon is a great suburb just south of the CBD. Lots of neat old houses. Also, The Cathedral of Learning at the Pitt campus is friggin' awesome and
  6. Any of you ever heard of this guy? Apparently he built my great grandparent's house at 3805 McFarlin in University Park. I've never been in the joint but my uncle grew up in the house and has fond memories of the place. Just curious about the house and David Williams. http://www.dougnewby...805mcfarlin.asp
  7. I have casualty insurance through Kemper and it has gone up only 2% in 7 years. I have a 1% deductible on a $400K house. Sometimes it is better to call an independent agent that can go to market for you and check out multiple carriers as opposed to going to an agent for a particular carrier. Also, give some thought to what it is you are actually insuring. Most people just think of structure replacement / repair and give no thought to contents replacement, temporary living allowance if a whole house re-build becomes and issue and other issues. One size does not fit all.
  8. You can go to mohull's web-site and view a small rendering of the front elevation of the project. It is in their selected projects section of the web-site.
  9. MorrisHullinger is the design / build company that is building the new home. It is a neo-mid century look to a degree. All of you penniless preservationists can come in off of the ledge now.
  10. That's kind of like building up a lifetime of work and savings, paying taxes on it over ther years and when you die you leave it to your heirs and then the government want to tax your kids for receiving it....OH, WAIT!!!!!! THAT ALREADY HAPPENS.
  11. I like being outside and I am not scared to get out there and pull the stuff up (I enjoy it in a weird way...kinda like looking for the big mother Alien and having a final showdown). Thanks for the all the help.
  12. Nice work, Columbo. Virginia Buttonweed it is. Exact match. Thanks, Flashman! Looks like I have some weed pulling in my near future.
  13. I've got St. Augustine that does pretty well. Recently, however, I've noticed this weed that is growing and spreading. It is on a runner system, appears to be some sort of green broadleaf weed, has little white flowers and green seed pods on the stem / runners. I've gone to a few nurseries with a freshly plucked handfull and have had no success on IDing the weed and, therefore, no plan of attack to rid my lawn of this pest. I have been hand pulling it to date. My wife and neighbors say I'm obsessed with it and they are probably correct. Any ideas? I've looked all over the intraweb for
  14. Regarding the thread hijack to bicyclers / bikelanes / motorists, I've seen both motorists and bicyclers act like total idiots. Don't get all high and mighty. Stop signs mean stop. They don't mean motorists stop and bicyclers pedal out in front of traffic with the right of way and then act suprised that the motorist is actually coming through the intersection and you are suddenly glad that your have a bedpan on your head. I don't ride a bike. I drive one of those nasty diesel Ford trucks. I really try to watch out for bikers and give them plenty of room (along with driving texters, last-minu
  15. Outside Magazine...I used to subscribe but tired of articles like this. Anything to sell a copy? Listing is lame. There are plenty of outdoor activities to do in and around Houston. Why complain about our summer? How about our winters? Uh, not so bad, huh? How are those bike lanes up in Chicago along Lake Michigan in late January or early February? Oof. Who's staying indoors now, smart guy?
  16. Roger Sterling is my hero. Cat keeps me laughing. Long before this series came out, I have had the chance to hang out with some old school Houston oilmen over the years. Hearing their stories from the sixties and into the seventies and judging by their many divorces, multiple layers of step children, poorly performing livers, crazed office days and deranged sex lives this show does nothing but remind me of the way it once was. Sure the series may embellish to a degree but its probably not by much. That was a far different day back then. Women were relatively new to the workforce (especiall
  17. Contact me at my discussion board email address @ keepitlow@sbcglobal.net if you want to. We are well experienced in low-slope roofing and have G/L insurance for roofing and sheet metal operations, workers compensation insurance, commerical auto liability, hired & non-owned vehicles general liability insurance. So, we aren't knucklehead gypsy roofers.
  18. What kind of "flat" roof? Is it asphalt & gravel built up? Modified bitumen (probably white ceramic granules similar to those on shingles)? A smooth white surface (PVC or TPO)?
  19. As a subcontractor working on a few of their properties over the years (we don't now), they are BAD news. Pops has bailed out the kids and is now running the show as Silverkey. They have re-contacted some of the trades they have used as subcontractors in the past and have preached that "its a new day and all is well." Not so much and we are not going back in business with them again.
  20. Call Lance Smith with Precision Development @ 713 661 1310. www.pdcaststone.com
  21. Also, remember that you can qualify for up to a $1,500.00 federal tax credit for using a qualifying "cool" roof. CertainTeed Solaris does qualify and I would bet that GAF's Cool Roof shingles would, too.
  22. What kind of roof do you have? Steep slope (shingle) or low slope ("flat")? Low slope roofs have several "white" applications. The City of Houston has already developed and put in place a new building codes for solar & thermal reflectivity. In essence a TPO (thermoplastic) roof, PVC roof or a modified bitumen roof with specialized coating on the ceramic granules can meet the requirements. TPO is the least expensive but has the most problems as far as long term life. PVC will last a long time but is not particularly "green" when it comes to disposal. It will however withstand pondin
  23. Well, here you go. http://www.lomanco.com/ventilationFAQ.html#01anchor http://www.lomanco.com/ventilation.html#whyVTanchor
  24. As I said, the PRIMARY purpose of ridge vents (coupled with adequate soffit vents) is to relieve the attic of humidity / moisture caused by the difference in temperatures between the inside of the house and the exterior. Ridge vents where made to combat the harmful effects of attic humidity / moisture that decreases the life of roof decking, roof underlayments (mainly non-breathable asphalt felt paper) and shingles. The SECONDARY purpose is heat relief in the summer. If you don't belive me, ask a manufacuter of ridge vents (Lomanco or GAF to name two). Or you could just google "Why Are Ri
  25. Assuming you are re-roofing the house and are installing new roof decking with a radiant barrier, then yes. Ridge vents will help with a very moderate amount of heat relief as they are primarily there (along with intake from soffit vents) for reliving humidity from the attic. That humidity is developed primarly in the winter time when it is warm in the house and cool in the attic. Do not listen to anyone that says ridge vents are there for reducing heat in the attic. They are not primarily for that purpose. They will help some but not what you wish for in helping to relived heat in the att
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