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  1. So as someone who commutes from roughly 610/Ella to 610/Post Oak (possibly the shortest worst commute possible), I've been wondering. I think I found my answer. Are they doing nothing to allow I-10 West traffic to bypass the West Loop North straight to 290? If so, that makes me sad. The northbound side gets very congested with folks having to cross all the lanes of 610.
  2. The bungalow behind us is now 3 story townhomes. They ripped out all of the trees. What is something we can plant along the fence that will grow high, be low maintenance and not take over? We'd like some kind of sight barrier back... Ideas are appreciated!
  3. Hey - long time no post. Right now we just have ground level beds and hand watering. Direct sunlight 50% of the day (pending the new 3 story townhomes being built behind us). I still have tomatoes and green peppers. What are some good and EASY (low maintenance) fall fruits and veggies?
  4. I just watched my wife's video of one of the tree take downs. Who brings down a tree by pulling it down with a back hoe? I wish I knew enough about construction to bring this to a halt, I bet all of you $100 they have no permits. We are going to to speak to the home owners tonight (they are clearing half of their lot, I am guessing to sell it). I'm going to be polite but they're getting my business card when I leave 'in case they have any questions.' (<--- lawyer)
  5. ...they removed another tree and now the fence separating us from our neighbors has been separated from the back property fence. SMH. This is going to be a nightmare to get fixed. Moral of the story, don't hire a few guys who don't speak English and tell them 'go to town' when they're going to remove large trees growing on your property line/under your nieghbor's fence. ...any ideas on who to call to look at/fix all of this?
  6. Is there an easy way to figure out who is doing the construction on this lot? They tore out trees last night and left a huge hole under our fence and into our yard, making the fence and land unstable. The property does not appear to have an address - one side is 921 the other is 935. Thanks! *edit* nevermind, the land belongs to one of the home owners. It is a shame they have torn out every old tree to, I assume, sell the lot. Another question then, what type of person would we contact to see if the land has been properly stabilized? Our lot is about 2-3 feet above theirs and the tree had large roots under the fence onto our property. so when they yanked it out, it make a pretty big hole. They KIND OF pushed some dirt into the hole.
  7. Official response from public works: Public works official response: 'Official right-of-way drawings can be viewed on the basement level of 611 Walker for rest of this week. The drawings and employees who manage drawings will move this weekend to the new location (1002 Washington). Beginning Monday, the right-of-way drawings can be viewed at 1002 Washington. ' I guess I will wait until next week.
  8. Soke to the HPD storefront. Since he did not set foot on my property and make an actual threat, nothing for them to do. I am to check with TXDOT to confirm the public right of way. If it is a public right of way and he claims to be putting posion down, the local HPD will pay him a visit to tell him no, knock it off. I will talk to the wife - if she wants to let it go or not. If she says ok, I plan to walk over (which will get him in his front yard instantly), inform him it is public right of way and confirm he is putting some kind of posion down (and have her video it). Then I'll call HPD again. She may not want to deal with all that. Ugggh, HPD says call TXDOT. TXDOT says call COH....
  9. Probably NOT a coincidence - the public right of way coincides with the sidewalk line - so yes, where I (and everyone else walks) and where he claims to lay poison is public. I will call HPD in the AM.
  10. We keep hoping. The manager at the Richmond one said they're working on some stuff, but I doubt he knows, lol.
  11. Facet 11 #29 B. Does that tell us anything about ROW?
  12. Across the street from the new construction, you can see the sidewalk on both sides of his property. Right about halfway in between Brinkman and Beall. Townhomes on both sides.
  13. No HOA whatsoever. Maybe it'll be my new goal to get that sidewalk finished. Not 100% sure about ROW - but if draw an invisible line from one sidewalk to the other across his property, that's where I am.
  14. The property in question is in between (brain fart - street that dead ends at 25th and picks up later - west of Durham) and Bevis on the north side of the street. My neighbors have informed me I am not the first nor will I be the last. He also claims to put poison down so that any animals crossing his property will get sick.
  15. Does anyone smarter than me know anything about public rights of way in Houston? I had a guy from up the street follow me home to yell at me for walking my dog on his property and I kinda' lost it. I live on 25th. It goes his fence, about 3 feet of grass, drainage ditch then the street. No sidewalk in front of his bungalow. Any help would be appreciated because we can't always walk in the street and I would like to know the law. There is no sidewalk. In the alternative, if there is a sidewalk before and after his house, what are the chances of petitioning the city to extend the sidewalk along his property?
  16. Yes and yes It's a shame, the large tree was split in half just before construction, I don't believe it was weather related... Barracuda - what amazes me is the fact all this new construction is frequently worked on after dark with no lighting. That cannot lead to quality construction...
  17. Yup - looks like 500 townhomes. The frame I saw then became 4 homes. I wish the city/state/county/someone would buy some of those lots as small parks/green spaces.
  18. On of Bevis in between 25th and 24th - where the huge tree (now 1/2 a tree is). The are pouring a driveway down the middle as if to pack 500 townhomes in there - but they laid a wooden frame as if to poor a foundation for what looks like a rather large freestanding building. Any idea what is being built?
  19. MAYBE it is because it has been warmer out, but haven't noticed it in maybe a week and a half? Of course, replaced by dogs, lol.
  20. Yeah, my wife and I are kinda' worried about that... I'll try 311 and hope whomever I call a) warns the folks about the noise ordinance and ensures the dogs are being treated ok.
  21. Ok, after some research and being fed up with our nieghbor's dogs who do I call? We're shady acres. The house behind ours has what sounds like half a dozen dogs. When ever they are outside (the set up is weird, we can only catch glimpses of them) they bark non-stop. Sometimes they're out for 10 minutes, some times they're out for 40 minutes. I'm not sure what is going on over there but they do all bark the entire time they are outside. And some times it is between 11 PM and 6 AM. Just wondering which HPD office/branch/etc. to lodge a complaint about this and have it checked out. Thanks! P.S. I have no intention of talking to them because a) they're aware of the problem and apparently before we moved in there used to be vandalism problems from their kids and I don't want to feel the wrath (you mean it's not ok for our kids to launch eggs at your houses in good fun?!?!) and c) the place is pretty creepy looking.
  22. I assume with Walgreen's moving across the street there is something to the rumor of Kroger pulling up steaks now that the one on 11th is done? At one point I heard murmurs on here of a 24 hour fitness (which would be awesome, so much closer than Post Oak)? Any new news?
  23. I've noticed about the last 4 weeks I can hear trains (25th and Shepherd) whereas they mostly vanished with the implementation of the quiet zones. My wife (who grew up in Western Nebraska) said it's because cold air carries the noise further. Did the quiet zones change or is the wife right?
  24. NW corner in the vacant lot (across Durham from C&D). PLEASE tell me they are merely resting there for some reason? They're old, beat up, graffitied over and generally look like trash... As of today they're still up on wheels...
  25. Is it considered a McMansion if it is a 'reasonably' sized home but squeezed into a tiny lot? My wife and I always debate - if we strike it rich she wants a home in Rice U - I want a home on a big piece of land *edit* After reading the above posts - to me it's cramming as much house as humanly possible on your land, and doing so with cheap building methods. Using my definition you could hav a 1500 sqft McMansion. Like minds will differ?
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