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  1. Hi j1gilbe, Lol, no it wasn't me, I offered max $5,000 less than any asking price. The homes I saw were asking 20-25k over the highest sales price of anything recently sold in their respective neighborhoods. From a banking perspective, these homes will never appraise for asking price. It's no coincidence that these same homes are still Active on the market. Congratulations on selling your home. Re: Falcon Point, it's understandable that living on a street that's a thouroughfare for Katy Mills is undesireable. I'm going to be in one of the gated neighborhoods (and they may ALL be gated, I don't know), past the stop sign. I hope it remains relatively quiet. As far as the apartment complex, I'd hope that it's not a 5th Ward project. It sure is what a lot of ppl paint a picture of when referring to apt complexes in South Katy. What exactly is wrong with an aprtment complex? I'm assuming (and perhaps a bit naively) that rent at these apartments aren't in the $400-$500 range. If you don't mind, can you expound on your comment on the further deterioration of Falcon Point? It's not too late for me to back out!
  2. Most of us work hard, always trying to make a better life for ourselves. We all understand that crime are like pests; you do the best you can, but it's just a part of life, no matter where you live. Anyway, I'm moving to Katy in about 4-5 weeks, and wanted to look up crime stats. The only thing I've found lately are these two links: http://blogs.chron.com/insidekaty/archives/2009/05/ http://www.katytimes.com/articles/2009/06/...63274340927.txt From the blog entries, the sentiment seems to be that there's plenty of crime in Katy, but it is generally kept hush. Do the members here at HAIF share this view?
  3. Hi Falcon Ranch, We purchased on the "Katy High School" side of Falcon Point.
  4. I'd like to thank everyone for their great and invaluable input. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Well, after about 3 weeks of daily house hunting, we decided on Falcon Point. The Cinco Ranch area is great, but the people selling their homes a) fail to realize that it's a buyer's market and b. are detached from reality with respect to current market value. Grand Lakes is beautiful, and we put an offer on two homes, but again, the sellers felt their homes were worth more than what the market dictated, so those did not work out. I was seriously considering Pine Mill Ranch, as the value was great, but the lot sizes were way too small. We even looked into the older section of South Katy (Nottingham, Governor's Place, Greenway Village, etc..) and really liked the area. Since resell was a big factor for us, we didn't go with that section, as it seems most home buyers flee to the newer developments. The home we have a contract on now is a good balance of all of the things we wanted; quick access to major freeway, beautiful neighborhood, spacious house and good resale. Any thoughts from the community here at HAIF re: Falcon Point.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm starting to really like Grand Lakes, specifically Phase 3. There was a home there that had a view of the tollway, so I can concur with Button. I'm looking deeper into Phase 3. I'm guessing the Grand Lakes closer to 99 is the Phase 1, which were older homes, and too close together for my comfort. Property taxes are definitely higher ~$7000 for the couple of houses I've picked out. Gary, I'm curious to why you feel that way about Katy? As with any area, it will see it's share of undesireables, but I'm not sure why apartments down Westpark have much to do with it? Someone did tell me that traffic sucks on the Westpark during rush hour though. I drove down I-10 and tried to exit Grand Parkway, and it was a sea of cars. It's a big sacrifice for me, but what I'm gaining is a safe, quiet neighborhood.
  6. Hey guys, My wife and I have been looking to escape the inner city life, and have focused out efforts on finding a new home in Katy, specifically Cinco Ranch area. One of our "must-haves" is quick and easy access to a major tollway. We are both working professionals with jobs in the Galleria area, so we need to cut down on traffic as much as possible. Anyway, we really like Grand Lakes (Phase 3), as the homes are newer and it's very close to the Westpark Tollway. I was hoping some the area residents could lend a few words on what they think about the Grand Lakes Phase 3 subdivision. We were also looking at the Greenway Village subdivision, but the houses are older, and we didn't find any with a floorplan of our liking. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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