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  1. Well by my logic it's places where the people who moved there 10 years ago to have a family are in a big enough house to stay, can afford private schools or have a public school they like. River Oaks, West U, Bellaire...
  2. Thanks everyone - I really didn't care about the quality of the Heights schools, since we will be in a private school. But I got an education very quickly here- the MISMATCH between (percieved) quality and demographics of the elementary VS Middle/High Schools here is a driving force. Here's what I was trying to find out. If I move to the Heights, and my 11 year old son is a private school outside the loop, are there likely to be other boys around for him to play with informally, now and for next few years, within walking distance of my house (and is it safe for an 11 year old to wa
  3. Ok this is not a thread about the quality of the schools. We will be in a private school no matter what. My question is: is there any indication that people with kids in grades 6-9 are moving to the heights into any of the newly built single family homes? So far the answer seems to be "no"....
  4. Thanks s3mh! I do hear a lot about people moving to the Heights with small children or to start families (good elementary schools). I also hear about people like "lilyheights" who move out (as much as they love the heights) for more affordable space (and better middle/high schools). Some people say "Big houses will give more people the option to stay" or "we plan/hope to stay". But I am still looking for examples of a family with children age 10-13 moving into the central Heights, or upgrading to a new house in the heights, within the last year. (bounded by Shepard-20th-Studewood-Whit
  5. So my wife and I are thinking of moving to the heights with our 11 year old son. Looking for neighborhoods with more kids than the 'Trose where we have been for a while. I'm wondering how the demographics are changing now that all the new houses in the Heights seem to be pushing 7 figures. Who is moving in to all of these mansions? People with big families? What ages? Who is moving out? What are you seeing on your streets and among your friends?
  6. Shaw's has a rendering posted inside the store. Check it out, decent place to buy new and used jewelry.
  7. I got pictures of this guy breaking into my house on Wednesday. Here are the photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/69090646@N04/page8/ Hidden camera captures burglar sneaking in through doggie door [KHOU 11 News] Search for Montrose area burglar who uses doggie doors[abc13] Please Call 911 if you see him!
  8. So the house behind me should be condemned, and is being used as a junk yard and a home for raccoons and probably a bunch of other things too. For many years it's owner used it for old boat and car storage. He was there occasionally, But he passed away a year ago. Boat and car still there. The family has done nothing with it. It's a fire hazard, among other dangers. The property is worth 200-250. Are there any Laws about this kind of thing? Does the family have to do something with it? Can the just let it deteriorate?
  9. I used Dan at frio river pools, and highly recommend him. He did pools for 2 of my friends and they were very happy also. http://frioriverpools.com/index.html
  10. Soon after they start carrying Coke and Miniwheats!
  11. I've asked around a bit. Word is, the vacant townhouse next to it is to be repurposed as a catering/event venue, with the empty lot as grounds.
  12. A long vacant lot on W Gray (between Waugh and Montrose near Betz gallery and the furniture store) has been prepped/graded and has a notice of liquor license application. Any one know what the plans are?
  13. What's the schedule for opening. It seems stalled.
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