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  1. Although it isn't posted on HAR, there is a notice posted on the door of 330 Electra that it is for sale through Texas Realty Services. This is apparently a realtor that Fannie Mae uses.
  2. It's been some years since my daughter was there, but we liked Holy Spirit.
  3. We had Farmers insurance for our flat roof house. It was never an issue. (this was pre-Ike, but still in this decade)
  4. Don't you think the square thing on the roof indicates Ike damage? that was my thought
  5. I'm not sure what 3 lots you're referring to, but of the 4 vacant lots I know of on the west side of the Bend, none of them are builder/developer spec homes. One lot is for sale, which could be bought by a developer, I suppose. The other three are people having their own home being built.
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