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  1. There was a name change. Joseph Danburg changed the name of the stores to Danburg's, probably about 1950 or slightly afterwards. Globe Discount City was started as the discount arm of Danburg's. Globe's Wikipedia entry says that United Mercantile Inc. was formed in 1960 to operate Danburg's and the yet to be built Globe stores. No idea if Mr. Danburg still had an ownership interest at that point.
  2. Sizzler is still around, mostly in the western states. Never ate at that one. They were about the same quality as Bonanza and Ponderosa. Inexpensive and inferior to the good steak houses.
  3. That was in the same large L-shaped center where the Dome Shadows night club was located. West side of Buffalo Speedway, adjoining the southern end of Braes Terrace subdivision.
  4. No, it was in the long strip center on the south side of Bellaire Blvd. between Braes Blvd. and Stella Link. That center is actually inside the Southside Place city limits.
  5. At some point it became Hodell-Byrd Realtors when Mr. Hodell's daughter took over the company and later merged with Heritage Texas Properties.
  6. This 1935 map shows Main St Boulevard ending at Holcombe, while this 1942 map shows the current alignment. And if Wikipedia is correct, 1942 is also the year US 90A was designated. So an educated guess would be by 1942 at the latest. Why? I suppose it was to link up to the US highway.
  7. Holcombe was its northernmost point, at least in my lifetime. It didn't exist north of Holcombe. Sorry I wasn't clear about that. And Fannin didn't exist south of Holcombe.
  8. Nothing unusual about it. Fannin ended at Holcombe. Old Main Street Road ended at Holcombe just east of where Fannin ended. As the area south of Holcombe developed in the 1950s, the two were connected, it was logical to have a single name.
  9. I bowled there a few times, it was just another one of many bowling alleys opened in the early 60s. Hairy navel contest... did the winner put that on his resume?
  10. My parents shopped at that store in the late 40s, when we lived on Milton, and we shopped there in the early 70s when we lived in the neighborhood. Huffington had sold his interest in the store long before the 70s but IIRC his ranch was still supplying the beef.
  11. We used to go to the one on Holcombe for ice cream. IIRC it wasn't a drive in, it was an ice cream parlor with food.
  12. Dobbs House was a national chain. Martin Luther King was once denied service at an Atlanta Dobbs House. Never ate there either. I don't specifically remember the one on Bellaire, but I do remember one on South Main, roughly across the road from the Chief Motel, and one on N. Braeswood at Stella Link. They had a lot of locations around town.
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