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  1. We aren't so much interested in acreage anymore, just a pool and an area for our dog in the back yard. Dealing with 1.5 acres was a lot of work, we are looking forward to less work
  2. Hi all, Thank you all for your replies. A lot to think about thats for sure. So I know HAR is the main site for buying homes, does anyone know of a good site to possibly rent a place? We currently live in a large 4000sq foot house with 1.5 acres of land in Upstate NY so we are looking to moving to a place that is larger, and with a pool. We want to downsize from what we currently have a bit (maybe 3 bedrooms compared to the 5 we have now). But want a modern, fully finished house as well. This is why I was thinking that the Woodlands would be more our style. Neither of us are big city people. We are ok with traveling into the city to check things out but like a laid back setting in general. Does any of this information help out? You mentioned about going with rush hour traffic from the woodlands. If we took the toll highway do you see a significant slow down? How long would it take to get to the airport there from the southern part of the woodlands roughly (with traffic)? About a half hour/45 mins? That is our current drive into work so that wouldn't be a big deal to us. Again thanks for all your comments, they are very helpful for us before we go house shopping.
  3. Oh my job isn't an issue, I am going to telecommute to my current job in NY.
  4. Hi all thanks for your comments. So I am 30 and my wife is 29 so we are younger people moving there I am assuming. I didn't see another thread on this but I will check the one you linked. Thanks for that. We are coming from update NY and do not know the Houston area very much at all but so far have really liked the pictures we have seen of various parts of it.
  5. Is the woodlands a nice area though? I am seeing things about malls going bankrupt there or something? Is it still an up and coming neighborhood or is it going downhill? Mostly making sure it is a safe environment.
  6. Hi there, we don't have any children. Just a dog which we would like to take on walks on trails if possible. Our budget is about $230k max, we are ok with less however because we are planning on moving out of the area again in about 5 years. So resale value would be good to have. We like to do sports mostly, golf, volleyball, softball. We are interesting in being able to explore the area. We love the water and know that this is far from the ocean compared to other places but since her work is at the very northern part we would like her commute to be short. She will be working near the George Bush International Airport but I am not sure what highways that is near. I-45 I think.
  7. Hello, My wife and I are going to be moving to the area in a couple of months. She is going to be working in Northern Houston and we were told to check into the Woodlands, Spring, or Kingwood up there by the HR rep for the company. What are your thoughts on these areas and or any other northern areas that may be better? Thanks
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