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  1. This would apply to the Heights area. It was a building requirement to have alleys in Houston and Harris county until 1911 when the requirement was dropped. Out houses backed up to alleys since early homes did not connect to any type of sewer. The out houses were cleaned out by men with mule carts. Almost all homes built after 1900 used city sewer so the requirement was not needed by 1911.
  2. There are now 183 subscribers for the Northside Constable patrol. We just need 27 more to be fully funded. To sign up online http://houstonheight...hsidepaypal.htm The flyer. http://sunsetheights...patrolflier.pdf
  3. There are now 168 subscribers for the Northside Constable patrol. We just need 42 more to be fully funded. To sign up online http://houstonheight...hsidepaypal.htm The flyer. http://sunsetheights...patrolflier.pdf
  4. The program has not been officially killed yet. In fact, work is still going forward to get more sign ups. There are currently 122 people signed up for the service. The Houston Heights Association board will have a meeting this Friday to decide the out come.
  5. We now have 84 people signed up.
  6. I came across some clippings from the Heights Citizen newspaper from the 1940's. Does anyone know of any place that would have it on microfilm or digital format? I can't find it listed at any of the libraries.
  7. I think they have a typo on the Heights pages as they have two East side boundaries listed. I never caught that they had listed 5 boundaries rather than 4. I talked with Tracy Englet and East side boundary is Airline.
  8. The Northside Constable Patrol program has been opened for people to sign up. The amount is $175 for the period from June 1, 2010 to Dec 31, 2010. The sign up area is on the Houston Heights Association's website http://houstonheight...tanlepatrol.htm. There are links there to pay over the internet via credit card. If enough people do not sign up then your money will be refunded. There is a slight charge for using credit cards, so the refund would be net of the charge amount which would be less than $5. To make this happen, the target is to sign up 300 people. People can also send checks if they would like. Be sure to include your contact information like your address, phone, email address along with the payment. Make Checks payable to HHA Northside Constable Patrol Mail them to this address HHA Constable Patrol P.O. Box 70735 Houston, TX 77270-0735
  9. There are two sets of digital Sanborn maps both have the dates 1924-1951 on them. My thinking is that the first set is closer to 1924 (the one that I attached) and the second set is closer to 1951.
  10. I noticed new "For Information" signs posted in front the school over the weekend. I guess the school or city is looking to off load it to raise some money. I wish I could get a tour of the place before they tear it down. Get some some nice pictures before it is lost for good.
  11. Yes, you found it. After zooming in a lot I was able to find it on the Sanborn map. The building on the map actually says Bottling Works so I think this must have been it. Houston+1924-1950+vol.+6-8%2C+1925%2C+Sheet+742.pdf
  12. The census counters went to each house and got information on all the people living in the home. All the kids, boarders, and even servants. I counted at least 2 homes that had servants in the 1930 census. So it's a snapshot. Now if people were not home or available then they may have not been counted. It was amazing to see how many people could live in a 2 bedroom bungalow. It was not uncommon to see 6 to 9 people in a single house. I would be interested if you have any more stories like the pickle one. I am trying to put together a collection of history for the up coming 100th anniversary of the neighborhood.
  13. Booths or tables and chairs? - Tables and chairs. This is a necessity if my grandmother is with us, she cannot get in and out of booths. If it's just us we still prefer chairs. Counter service or full service? Full service. We love the Shepherd location, it really works, we really enjoy going there for lunch. We still prefer full service. Should we close at 10pm or 9pm? 10. What time should we open on Sunday noon or 11am? 11. How many high chairs will I need 4, 6, or 8? N/A we have no kids, will leave this one for the people with children. Will the neighborhood walk or ride their bike? Yes, depending on the weather. We like to bike and walk when it's nice out, but drive when it rains. How many bikes should the bike rack hold? If we come with one other couple that's 4 right there, so I would think at least 8 bikes. Patio out front under the awning or in the back with a big grassy play area? If the idea for a grassy play area is setting aside some space for children that's good for us adults without kids because we can dine inside in the quiet while the kids are outside playing in the back. Alternatively you could go the direction of Daily Review Cafe, we enjoy dining in the outside seating on the lawn. Whether you go the direction of Lupe Tortilla off 59 which has that great play area where the kids run around while the adults are inside at the bar, or the direction of additional seating, once people discover the yummy food and business is booming you can add a front patio under the awning and have both. Keep up the good food and people will come! Coke or pepsi? Coke. None of our dinner friends drink Pepsi products and one of our closest friends is addicted to Diet Coke. Access to water for dogs outside and free dog bones? Y or N. No dogs, we like dogs but don't want to have them at dinner. We love our cat very much, but no cats either please. No parrots, iguanas, snakes, etc. Our good friend is allergic to dogs and cats. She lives in Timbergrove and we eat in the Heights together very often. Will the restaurant allow BYOB with a corkage fee? One of the things we like about Collinas, Dry Creek, Vietnam, etc is that we can bring in our own wine.
  14. <br /><br /><br />I think there was something in the deed restrictions. I need to verify that. Looking through the 1920 and 1930 census records, there were no blacks in Sunset Heights.
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