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  1. I would say Dowtown Houston, IAH (because people want a quick alternative from the airport to the city), The Woodlands. From there straight to Dallas unless it is routed through Bryan, then Bryan/College Station, Dallas. Since Dallas is already building a light rail line to the airport I would say Dallas city center should be the final stop.
  2. Somehow last night when I logged in to post the pictures I seemed to have managed to end up with a new account with the identity MRain... not sure how but I have no idea now how to access the account now. I am one and the same... just not sure what happened. Anyways, glad everyone like the pictures. The weather was pretty brutal that day by Houston standards. I ended up going with just a light sweater when I should've worn a jacket and gloves, the temp was 25 IIRC and a strong steady wind blowing. Was frozen by the time I got back to my car but well worth it. Tried to get some shots of the whole plane but kept running into security who frowned on me inching closer to an active taxiway. Hopefully it'll make another stop here and I'll remember to take the good camera.
  3. I cannot believe how much rent is at OPP. I thought it would be on par with Midtown, where I live now but when I saw $1800 a month for a 1BR, forget that, I'll stick with Midtown and take the train in and save $800 a month.
  4. 77006

    Discovery Tower

    Down at Discovery Green and took a picture of Discovery Tower.. thought I'd share.
  5. 77006

    Camden Travis

    I live up the road from Camden Travis and was out with the camera and took a pic to give y'all kind of an update.
  6. I've never noticed that this interchange is missing some direct connect ramps. I know before I moved here in November a friend of mine came with me to apartment shop. We were downtown and on a ramp to enter 45NB I believe, when we realized that the lane just merges with another. We were both screaming as we nearly sideswiped a semi. I've come to find a few of these, specifically the one by 610 that dumps you into the fast lane of 45NB (Gulf Fwy). I've never been so scared to drive in my life until I moved here. The trip apartment shopping opened my eyes and I got a place in midtown close to work until I get to know the city better.
  7. Read all the posts (I think) and no mention that CO will be flying IAH/FRA (Frankfurt) nonstop beginning in November, shortly after the transition to Star. This will serve to feed into the Lufthansa hub there. As for the 787 destinations I know all the talk is about Dubai. I'm pretty sure that will be a definate nonstop either from EWR or IAH hopefully IAH.
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