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  1. Thanks for the help. The house is a dump on the inside, but the roof is from 01 and looks ok from below (of course we would have a professional inspection done on everything), there don't appear to be any major cracks, door closing issues, etc. The size is great for us and we like the location. I am just trying to develop a rough idea of how much the cleaning up and updating will cost. Sounds like my idea of 25K is on the low side. The Ikea idea is great. I have seen their displays but did not think about them. The kitchen does not need to be granite and stainless, just clean and functional. We are heistant to do much of the work ourselves. We both work, plus we will want to get the work done quickly so that we can move in and get the old house on the market.
  2. We were in an HISD Vanguard school until last year and were quite pleased. Never been in the burbs, so nothing to compare it to. Overall, we like our HISD schools. Good luck deciding!
  3. Hello! Long time lurker, popping in to ask a question... We are looking at purchasing a house in SW Houston. Most of the houses we have seen need updating - walls, floors, kitchen cabinet/counters and bathroom redo. We are not planning on moving walls or adding sq footage. All work will be basic updating, nothing extravegant or super-fancy. Do these amounts sound reasonable for rough estimating purposes? $2,500 per bathroom for new tiles, tile surround, new toilet, cabinet/vanity and shower enclosure (keeping existing tub) and $1,500 per powder room. 5,000 for kitchen cabinets (basic Lowes type oak stock cabinets) and laminate countertops Interior paint - $2/sf (floor sq footage) ceilings about 8', no fancy moulding, all basic white walls. Flooring - $5 sf installed for laminate or tile, about the same for carpet Do these sound reasonable? Strictly on a rough basis. Thanks!!
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