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  1. So, specifically I'm thinking of the complexes lining the west side of Renwick between Beechnut and Bissonnet, but I see this situation in many places around Houston. Bellaire to the east is obviously nice and high-$ land, and most of the neighborhood to the west of these complexes is also pretty nice, leafy streets with some tear-downs, even (of course, Gulfton is on the other side of Bissonnet, and that's a whole different animal). I never quite understand how these complexes that are visibly decaying, crime-ridden, and ugly can survive surrounding re-development & appreciation. Do the
  2. I don't think it's as complicated as that. I went to Victory Park a few months ago, and after paying something like $10 for parking on a Sunday afternoon, I had to walk around for literally 15 minutes before I could even figure out where the pedestrian areas were. The development is quite poorly designed. I had to use the Google Maps on my iPhone to find any of the specific stores I wanted to visit because there was no logical pedestrian access to them and the area is poorly signed and mapped.
  3. Because every time I pull it out, I have to look at a picture of Austin's skyline. Does this mean I am now a true Houstonian? Does this annoy anyone else? from http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/director_staf...on/pr042209.pdf
  4. I totally agree with this, and feel the same way. But, ask any realtor and they will tell you: spend a million bucks on a human-sized house and you will never get your money out of it. It's stupid and bad for neighborhoods, families and people. But it's reality.
  5. Way to revive a 4-year-old topic, I know. But... this discussion was very interesting to me. Anyone have any new thoughts on the McMansion trend around the city? Seems like it's only accelerated since 2005. Some random observations: It seems to me that speculative buliding is an essential component of McMansionism. Many of the so-called "teardowns" are really being bought by builders with the idea of building a 4,000sf house and selling it at a profit. Also, re: "teardowns", at what point is it actually OK to replace a house? I'm quite sure that many of the houses replaced over the dec
  6. drfunk

    Future Austin

    Having lived in both places, Houston is MUCH weirder than Austin. For the most part, Houston just doesn't self-mythologize in the same way. I always have to smirk when I see a 32-year-old millionaire walking around Whole Foods in designer jeans and a "Keep Austin Weird" T-shirt. Will the luxury condo tower for which they razed Shady Grove trailer park keep Austin weird? What about all the high dollar yuppie restaurants metastasizing around the high dollar yuppie South Congress district? Or the D/FW-ish luxury corporate retail/housing development at the Domain? WEIRD! And any Austinites w
  7. Really interesting! Good view of First Presbyterian and Polk Street Methodist in that first shot.
  8. What's the drive like from Bellaire to the Med Center? I'm about to start making the drive from the area around the intersection of Bellaire Blvd and Bissonnet, and I wasn't sure of the best way to go, factoring in things like lights, construction, etc. 59 to main? 610 to main? Bissonnet? Bellaire/Holcombe? Braeswood?
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