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  1. Someone explain this to me. So a bunch of big-shots with more money than brains get together around a conference table and watch some huckster with a PowerPoint with a grand vision of (fill in the blank). And then somebody writes an article about it. And people talk about it for 5 minutes. Is that what this is?
  2. First of all, I agree that the The Woodlands will not see a "death spiral" within most of our lifetimes. And it's not because Exxon just moved 10,000 jobs to the area. And it has nothing to do with location near the airport. And it has nothing to do with The Woodlands Development Corporation and what they may have done right or wrong. And it has nothing to do with housing values or household incomes. It has everything to do with all those f*cking trees we have here. Those trees! There has to be a 100-to-1 ratio of trees-to-people The Woodlands. Even after living here 7 years, it's jus
  3. I see a lot of advantages. And with the kind of technological refinement that happens when millions of any given thing is made, it can become twice as small, twice as sturdy, twice as easy to use, twice as safe, twice as cheap, etc. I just did a Google Video search on "autogyro".
  4. In theory, a helicopter can launch straight up into the air. And this autogyro doesn't appear to be a whole lot bigger than an average SUV. I guess we'd have to convert driveways into helipads, whatever that would mean. Or maybe rooftops could be made into helipads. If you're building a new house, you can design whatever you need. There are some helipads downtown now - they're basically parking lots, I guess. And I'm imagining office buildings could convert their rooftops into helipads. This is not my area of expertise at all. But in theory, it can't be that hard. It's not like we're
  5. If the superpowers (US, Russia, China) unloaded every nuke they had on one another, that could pretty much clean out the planet once the radiation and the dust went up. And that could happen someday, unfortunately. But I'm visualizing more limited engagements - like Pakistan or South Korea throwing 1 or 2 nukes at some other country. Or even 10 or 12 nukes. But not thousands. If a few nukes hit us, would America retaliate and send dozens of nukes back at a small country? I have no clue. The whole calculus of this kind of war is completely disgusting and depressing. It's like the differ
  6. Holy cow. $20,000?? Designed basically so it won't crash (or won't easily crash, and getting better in that category all the time)?? Speeds of up to 100 mph or even 200 mph? 12 hours of training to learn how to fly one? The future is almost already here. I didn't realize we were that close. If these were mass-produced, they'd cost less than automobiles. It's just a matter of changing the public mindset. I didn't even know these things existed before today, for example. If I could park one in my garage and launch it from the roof of my house in The Woodlands, it could be a 20-minute c
  7. I moved out of DC right after 9/11. I saw it take place out the window of my office high-rise. I can still see the smoke rising up in the distance less than 2 miles away. All the women in the office were crying. We were all trapped in the building because the roads were all jammed and the subways were all closed down. We were told not leave the building. So we sat in silence and watched the smoke rise up and listened to the women cry. If the attack had been a small nuclear bomb instead of just a suicidal jumbo jet, I wouldn't be here today. With each year, another country gets closer to
  8. There have always been and will always be two segments of the population at any given time: those trying to be near more people, and those trying to get away from people. And the same person could fall into both categories at different times in his life. To be near more people, there is everything that comes with people: opportunities to make money, party, learn, meet women, etc. But there is also everything bad about people when you find more of them: crime, disease, hate, congestion, poverty, oppression, etc. My point was that technology will bring us closer. For example, Internet dating
  9. If it's a vision of the future involving NY, DC, LA, and SF all being blown up by nukes, and people working from home in remote areas and driving electric golf carts around, then you can bet it came from my own twisted head. Can you imagine reading anything that bizarre in a reputable publication? Seriously, everyone was stunned when the horse was replaced by the steam locomotive. And when the steam locomotive was replaced by the electric streetcar. And when the electric streetcar was replaced by the gasoline automobile. Something will eventually come next that stun everyone. It may be
  10. My New Year's Resolution is to quit HAIF and all other online discussion boards...at least for 10 or 11 months. TheNiche is correct - this stuff is way too addictive. I must get back out into the real world and deal with the human race.
  11. The airport suggestion from DJ Vance was the best I saw in the last 10 posts. I just tallied all the references to food in all posts made in the last 90 days and I have found that 92.2% of them occur between the hours of 4pm and 5pm. You guys really need to grab a power bar or something.
  12. The question was about the FUTURE of the suburbs. We seem to be describing a continuation of current trends. Our "urban landscapes" are going to change radically in the next 50 years. The Internet revolution, which has only been happening since 1996 (less than a generation) is so profound that it will take generations to play out. And the nuclear proliferation that started in 1945 is still yet to play out. In summary, cities are going to die like wounds lacerated with needles, draining their pus into the surrounding soil all across the country. Here's how... Most people will be telecommuti
  13. Amen to that. Mass transit was good in the 19th century. Today it's good for air travel.
  14. I just found this thread. This has to have some of the best comedy writing I've seen on HAIF in a while. And I didn't realize TheNiche was a libertarian. He may start earning the nickname "Lyndon LaNiche" on this board!
  15. Yeah, a murder in the apartments on Sawdust won't get people in The Woodlands talking. You could have 100 murders there every night and no one in The Woodlands would blink. Now the man found dead in his car in front of the Blockbuster Video deep inside The Woodlands a couple months ago...now that got people talking.
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