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  1. Half wrong, but looking at this footprint, how in the world are they going to build this condo? Am I missing something here? McDonalds is being rebuilt on the largest corner chunk of land, leaving very little left for the Astoria.
  2. Undoing our morning run.

  3. To all my Persian friends, family, and their loved ones tonight…نو مبارک سال (Happy Nowrūz/New Year!)

  4. That would be pretty awful, yet hilarious, if the Astoria does fail and all we are left with is a detailed weekly log of the McDonald's construction. Sad.
  5. Happy birthday Mom (Marsha)!

  6. They are now up to 25% sold. Signage updated this week.
  7. Waiting for the inevitable stampede of, "I'm outta work posts" while I sit here…alone…in the office…with no one to talk to.#pitypartytableofone:P

  8. Someone should update the thread titles, it's now going to be 40 stories.
  9. Happy bday payummy, even though I deleted u in FB I still love u like a real friend

  10. I call B.S. on this. If and when the University Line gets built, Uptown Line by association going to become rail. I agree, it will be a ROW purchase, but I don't expect the BRT version to last long. I think they are lowering our expectations, again, and will revert back to a rail line for another press release like they did a few years ago.
  11. The sales office is long gone now. I guess you might have meant *was instead of *is. *shrugs shoulders* Might have been, but I did not notice it before when I drove by. With all the crane talk for BLVD Place, just wondered why no one mentioned this one.
  12. The crane went up for this project this week. No photo to share, but thought I would pass the info along since this thread has gone quiet.
  13. …paws going up on 1/31.#mothermonster

  14. Editor used to do "holiday" banners. Not so much anymore. *sigh*
  15. Ha, that post was from two years back. I posted it on my Facebook yesterday, but I forgot to mention it on here. Glad someone kept the thread going.
  16. I worded it very wrong. But I meant to point out we have more proposed towers now than we ever did.
  17. BLVD HISTORY . . . MAY 2009 JUNE 2010 JANUARY 2011 JULY 2012 ...any else notice, we are now back up to 6 towers. We were down to two as one point.
  18. …shhh…the iShow is starting.

  19. I have a "Draw Something" code for the 99¢ Ad Free version of the game on iOS from Starbucks. I don't play this, but if anyone plays this and wants it, it's yours. Just message me when you claim the code so I can delete this post.

  20. My bad, I need to work on my reading comprehension better. Thanks for clearing up my goof.
  21. Again, they are estimating construction to start in the 3rd quarter. Which at the earliest would be October, and not every project starts on time. I think the photo you posted is a non issue. Give it a few more months.
  22. Persian and Ginger spice…

  23. No, this was a very old thread, things have since changed, for the better. Carnival is not even around anymore and closed.
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