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  1. 7 hours ago, H.Ham said:

    Texas Central Partners, developers of the state’s high-speed train, announced today that it had reached land option agreements on about 30 percent of the parcels of land estimates to be needed for the bullet train’s route in the 10-county stretch between North Texas and Houston. The railway is expected to cross portions of Harris, Waller, Grimes, Madison, Leon, Limestone, Freestone, Navarro, Ellis and Dallas counties. Negotiations have resulted in option agreements in all 10 counties, including 50 percent of the parcels for the proposed route in Waller and Grimes counties. Grimes County is the site of a Brazos Valley passenger […]

    The post Texas Central reaches agreement on land option program for the high-speed railway appeared first on Community Impact Newspaper.

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    This is good, I went to their offices before the holidays. They really have a great staff and a path forward.

  2. Surprise, Berryhill Baja Grill - Montrose, closed last night, and no one noticed...




    Open since March 15, 2006, the restaurant was owned by an independent franchise owner, thus not operated or controlled by the Berryhill Corporation. The lease on the restaurant space was held by the franchisee, and the circumstances that led to the decision to close the business did not involve the Berryhill Corporation. There are no future plans by Berryhill at this location.



  3. Those are designs from college students in Texas A&M's Landscape architecture program, not anything based in reality.

    Plus, it will never be like downtown, lack of road infrastructure is the reason.


    It needs to be gridded and have one way streets for anything to happen.


    It will just become a traffic nightmare.


    At least uptown is trying to tackle by adding new streets and working on a local mass transit solution.

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  4. I have been to several of these already. There is one tonight. If you are looking for something different to do in Houston instead happy hour, this is a fun alternative. Typically the second Tuesday of every month.



    Theme: Pride
    Venue: Stereo Live
    6400 Richmond Ave
    6:30pm Doors/7:30pm Stories begin $8 general admission tickets will be available a week before the event at www.themoth.org. This venue is 21+ Media sponsor: KUHF




  5. I've come back, and I promise, better then ever... (if indeed I was good.)

    Thanks for the warm welcomes, maybe things will pick up (a tad bit) more then usual. But, Quality over Quantity... wink.gif

    Happy belated welcome back.


    These old posts... :P

  6. Agree with many members, I still see "TheNiche" post in many Swamplot related articles, some of which always seem to get "comment of the day"


    So whether he is in Wayne's or Gus's online kingdom, he is still doing what he does best.


    As for Red..there were worse offenders.

  7. Morning traffic reporter, Katherine Whaley, has declined the station's offer of moving her into reporting duties and is exiting Ch. 11...

    Probably one of the few times I will just say it..."Who?!?"


    Anyways...at least she got a dedicated topic about his...oh well.

  8. HAIF's strongest social media presence is currently Facebook. Thanks to the efforts of Bach and Sevfiv and others there's a lot of good content on there that doesn't make it to the forum. mostly because it's interesting but not necessarily worth an entire thread of its own.

    It's funny that you think of Tumblr as a way to keep up with the kids. I think of Tumbler as old tech on its way out. It is Yahoo!, after all. Might as well be a free AOL dialup disk.

    instagram is a good idea because it's a growing platform. But the way it's designed makes it not good as a multi-author publishing environment. Plus, it's mobile only, which isn't all that useful when you want to post a bunch of cool new pics.

    I agree with Tumblr, it's just a prettier version of Geocities. And I remember once upon a time when Blogger mattered too, but there was no way to really get an audience.


    I think Instagram is a quick way to spread HAIF love. And would totally tag anything HAIFy related that I found there.


    How do you share an Instagram photo on HAIF BTW...none of the forum codes work for images?

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