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  1. Someone is going to ruin it for the rest of us...and they will prob put some sort of fencing or barrier...I can see delinquents dropping objects on cars or doing some crazy stunts for a TikTok video.
  2. Are there any plans to widen Westheimer from Bagby/Brazos to Montrose? I feel like there are doing so much building and cleaning up...but the 4 lanes are so narrow.
  3. This is good, I went to their offices before the holidays. They really have a great staff and a path forward.
  4. But drive by this all the time and it's about to open soon in the old BH corner. http://yucatantacostand.com
  5. Well, the "Memorial Day 2015" is here...and guess what happened...nothing
  6. Surprise, Berryhill Baja Grill - Montrose, closed last night, and no one noticed...
  7. Plus, it will never be like downtown, lack of road infrastructure is the reason. It needs to be gridded and have one way streets for anything to happen. It will just become a traffic nightmare. At least uptown is trying to tackle by adding new streets and working on a local mass transit solution.
  8. Taking a much needed break from 5 dogs

  9. Because, why not...oh and the sun is out over here Mark!

  10. Guess what tomorrow is! Wayne. We need to resurrect the HARRRF banner!
  11. Great Dane and a Weimaraner here, both are amazing.
  12. Both of your videos were deleted??? It says "Video Does Not Exist".
  13. So nice you named it twice. If you do Houston, it's going to be a middle or nickname, give him something else to go by.
  14. Just here for the Cardio Cinema

  15. Grabs popcorn…

  16. Karaoke Night…okay!

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