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  1. Thanks, houston-development, there is quite some information on their website.
  2. Well, that's the thing: it is a shame they cannot reuse this unique building for the new mixed-use development. Just imagine, if they turn this "Taj Mahal" into an office, a hotel, or maybe an open-air market, then Houston's going to have its own Quincy Market that we can be proud of. The nature of urbanism is about its richness and diversity developed through time, you will never be able to reach that level of authenticity if we keep repeating this demo-rebuilt approach, no matter how funcy those new 'town centers' or 'urban villages' are designed.
  3. HISD alreay sold that piece of land to some developers. I am interested in finding out what's going to happen there next.
  4. I heard they are going to demo that 'landmark' building to pave way for mixed-use development. Anyone has any info on that development?
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